Sunday, July 23, 2017

Hot Hot Hot

Guys, it's hotter'n whodunnit out there with 102-105 heat indices.  Others have it worse so while I am complaining, I'll keep it down some.

I have my new-to-me- car now,  Brought it home yesterday afternoon.  I have had a few short to- the- store type trips in it after my return from the big city as I call it, with the new car.  It is a male..and the name is Micah.  Mike for short.  His color is black but they call it mica because of the subtle spark of gleam in the paint.

Hey, after driving my 2004 Corolla for so long, this guy, a 2 year old one, is like the lap of luxury to me.  Has so many bells and whistles that I have been glued to the owners manual trying to figure some of the things out.  One thing that I was sent a video about from one of my kids is how to pair the blue tooth and my phone.  And how else to get it up and rolling.  Believe t or not, I want to hear my very rich music on the speakers in the car.  I can talk at home...I want my own music in the car for entertainment. CD's get bulky though some are in there already.

Have to say Mike looks pretty tuff what with his totally black self.  Not any shine at all anywhere.  Grill, door handles, you name

I had to look up how in the world to do the trip meter.  Sheesh.  With Miyuki, my Corolla S, it was push the button to cancel, zero it out in other words, and start again.  This thing...sheessh!

I have come onto the century I'm in.  No more simple things.

I haven't had clear coat in so long I no longer can think what to wash this car with...


  1. How exciting! Your new to you car sounds great, Carole. And how nice that it came already named! :)

  2. Your Mike sounds like a great car! Cars nowadays are not as simple as before - I'm sure there are many functions that I'm not using :-)

  3. Hubbs says do not use dish soap, Go to Walmart or a store like that and in the car section get "neutral PH carwash shop" do not buy anything that looks sketch obviously,. and use a soft sponge. If you need anymore advice, I married Mr Car,
    I am happy that you have a new car. I believe your car is younger than my car!! So how about that for snaz?
    It is very hot here. 97º with 107º "real feel" which it really does feel that way, now that the humidity has rolled in. Usually I can handle this kind of weather, but not it makes me tired. I am so grateful for air conditioning. Daddy and I stay inside Ashby Ponds and walk around all of the buildings. You should Google Ashby ponds, the place is a palace. I think Rex and I could afford to live there if we buy the tiniest apartment.That is a thought....

    I hope you have a fun week
    Hubbs and I are going to a BMW race track on Wednesday. It will be super fun. It is in West Virginia and Summit Point, so I will raise my hands really high up and shout "Hi Carole". I hope you hear it, I will do that at about 10:00.

    1. Of course I will be facing in your general direction.
      Sorry for the typos, but I am sure you can guess the proper word I meant
      Love loads

  4. What fun!! Welcome Micah! I hope you behave! I think your car is definitely newer than mine!!!

    That heat would kill me!!

  5. Have a ball with your new ride.. I know it is exciting learning new things. Watch out for others.. they tend to be jealous and try to get you to drag race with them.. trips everywhere.

  6. I know exactly what you went through to sync BlueTooth with your phone...I actually bribed our IT guy to help me out! Funny thing; my old phone synced all by itself, but my new phone was a pain in the rear! Glad you found Mike!

  7. Nice to get a new car, makes us feel great

  8. It's 102 degrees and you chose a black car? In any case, it's exciting having something new like that in your life, eh? Enjoy!

  9. Sounds like a nice car. Hope it cools off for you. We had in the 90s last week and 57 today which I was thrilled about.XO

  10. Hi Sis!
    You has new car's name is the Mike it was fantastic of your time. also your kids to pair blue tooth and your phone.
    I hope you have fan week enjoyed with google Asbby ponds.
    We has raining for few days.
    Sis,Miyuki,Katie and Victoria,

  11. Congratulations and I hope you and Mike enjoy many nice trips together. It is hot here like there...ready for fall to be here. Hugs

  12. Dearest Carole,
    Congrats with your new Mike. Well, that is NEW to me as ours is also 2 now and I still think of it as being new.
    Those owner manuals are a study in itself and we never figure out nor use all its possibilities.
    ENJOY it and stay cool.
    Hope the black color is not too hot on this extreme heat.
    Sending you hugs,

  13. I have a 2005 Toyota Highlander. I bought it because I hual stuff inside and a trailer iutside and I had a boat at the time. But I really bought it because I was so tired of being blinded by oncoming cars in the early morning commute and the extra hieght really made a difference.

    I'm keeping it because it ISN'T full of "the internet of things" and is simple to operate.

    I'm waiting for fuel cell vehicles... Or really really good electric cars. And I might keep my Toyota Highlander even then.