Sunday, July 9, 2017

Good Day Without RAIN.

I was out of the door by just after eight today for a walk in slightly cooler NO rain weather.

I enjoying finding all of the toy surprises when I got back home in differing places done by a "flying through the house" Katie.  I videoed her toy placements this time and her duckie was next to the water dish this time.  She always has a great time the minute I leave in mornings.  She even raids her toy basket and brings out some of those.  I vacuumed early evening yesterday.  Carpet looked good.  When I got home this morning, there wasn't a square inch of caret without her foot prints deeply imprinted and dug in with the speed she generated as she raced though the house and returned to bring out her toys to see what she did. .

Nothing pretty or even there as for as flowers are concerned this morning.  Generally speaking I just have my phone with me but I had had some decent photos through it this past month. The DSLR is large, heavy and it rides along with me in the car in a "Glass Taxi" with the accompanying lenses etc.  Only take it when I am going somewhere that there will not be a lot of extra walking.

I was looking out of the screened window in my room while making the bed last weekend when some men apparently enlisted by the woman next door set about taking the old thoroughly rotted deck down.  It had slipped downward on one side badly, and it was hanging on one side a good two feet down ready to completely collapse.  I got to the window to watch when an older man, very thin I will add, was engaged in power sawing the support leg of the deck that was up against the house.

He succeeded and the deck fell onto his back, knocked him down of course and sent him rolling down the hill.  I was going to call 911 when another man appeared and walked to him apparently asking if he was OK.  He made a dismissive gesture and continued working.  He was stumbling and having a hard time but would not admit, I guess, what happened.  After a week they came back yesterday and the old man was not along with them.  He did raise his shirt a few hours later that day for the other guy to see his back.  I caught a glimpse of fiery red.

He must be inexperienced to have sawn the leg off that was holding the rotted deck up..though it had fallen downward several feet hanging by the proverbial thread.  Poor guy.

That's the fallen deck.  The man was under it and was knocked down.



  1. Oh gosh, poor man. I hope he is OK.
    I love how Katie san moves her toys around and put paw prints all over the carpet :-) Goro's toys travel around, too. Sometimes they take a bath in water dish :-)

  2. Hmmmm. Aren't there better ways to get that thing down with out sawing the support? My daughter is getting a new deck, as the one that came with her house is 30 years old. They do not go out on it at all.
    I believe they are having a new deck installed this month. I will ask her just exactly how they go about dismantling the old one. I just do not think gravity should be playing a part as it could damage property and humans.
    It is too hot here. Yesterday it was less humid but still warm. Last night I went out and gathered more lavender. I am a lavender harvester now 😬😀
    Have a fun day. I am still in my pajamas.

    1. I believe he and the others are relatives. But man alive, while she did not witness that, the owner I mean, if she had she would have likely made the one who was injured stop.

  3. I don't think we go for decks so much here. Well not for balconies anyway. Some gardens are decked, it was a "thing" a few years ago! But now folk are going back to proper gardens again! Much nicer! That Katie is a caution, that's for sure!! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Yikes. I hope everyone is okay. It has been raining here. Tomorrow, I mow.
    Chloe Jo is home, but has been through a lot.

  5. Any day without pain is a good day, oh hang on you said rain not pain.............

  6. WOW! First, I am sorry for the guy who was injured from inexperience. Second, I would have immediately fired the contractor for hiring such an inexperienced person.

    I built a 2-level deck myself 28 years ago. I did it by instructions from a deck book I bought. It wasn't to "code" but I didn't know about that then. It was stable for 25 years with diagonal braces.

    I only learned there were County rules about decks when I had an inspector come by to reassess the value of the house for taxes. He mentioned that it wasn't to code, but admitted it was damn solid.

    I had professionals demolish and rebuild the deck to code 3 years ago. They complained it was hard to demolish.

    But every employed was highly experienced and no one got the slightest injury.

    I also had the roof reshingled and some of the plywood replaced (a huge branch fell from a tree and caused some damage). That contractor mentioned that he never allowed any worker with an on-the-job injury to to roof work until they had proved themselves afterwards at lesser jobs for a year.

    He cost 10% more, but I liked his caution.

    On the other hand, I learned the roof gutter guy had fallen off roofs several times and broken several bones; but that was only after the job was being completed. I have HIM on my list of "do not rehire".

    1. Oh man. Looks like no matter how hard that you vet these people...accidents can and do occur. I do believe that the guys (3 total) are relatives. But it was a scary thing to see...and his false pride in not knocking off and getting checked out was awful. His companions should have insisted.

  7. Hi Sis!
    The house "Katie"water dish this time.Her toy and brings some of those I vacuumed early evening yesterday. The carpet looked good her toys to see what she did.

    Nothing pretty or even them m for as flowers are concerned this morning.Your phone with you but you had some decent photos through it this past month. The Car in a Glass Taxi with the accompanying lenses etc. Your screened window in my room while in the bet last weekend some men with about talking all rotted deck down. it was hanging one side and two feet down completely collapse.
    The Window the deck was up against the house.
    I can more things of the deck his back I can tell you more few things I'm bet till tonight with me.few more the deck his back.
    my body was so good but so cold rained.
    But terrible long away to cold ocean drive.

  8. It's so easy to have an accident...and if you're being careless or aren't taking the time to think about the best way to do something, you can be asking for trouble. I'm glad he wasn't seriously hurt.

    Thanks for stopping by the blog; take care!

  9. Wow! That's quite the drop for that deck to fall on the poor man. Hope everything goes better for him going forward!

  10. My comments in reverse order: Oh my word! That poor man. He may not have used good judgement but dang, that injury sounds like it was serious and undeserved.

    Secondly, your Katie girl sounds like a hoot. Ripping and running and pulling out her toys. I like the thought of ducky taking a bath by the "pool." I'm sure she's sorry about the carpet. :)

  11. Dearest Carole,
    Love your story about Katie a lot more than the unfortunate stupidity and 'cover-up' or doing matcho like nothing ever happened. Too bad but what could you do...?!
    We have just yesterday come back from New Orleans where we arrived on the 8th with a stop in Alabama at a hotel. And the same coming back that way but a fun 4-night Mississippi cruise in-between.
    Both of us had no clue about the massive transport via the river down to the harbor. Unreal to see those huge barges float up and down river!
    One learns as long as one lives.
    The heavy rain luckily happend in the afternoons when we were moving away after having been ashore for an excursion.
    On the way to New Orleans I drove the entire 3 hours from Atmore, AL in heavy rain... got so tired on my eyes and felt relieved when I parked the car in New Orleans inside a parking garage!
    The way back home no drop of rain though and today it was hot and without any rain. We biked at 8:00 PM but still very hot.
    Sending you hugs,

    PS our Gardenias are a larger variety, the so-called corsage gardenias but we also have the smaller variety. Love the large ones most as they hold better in a vase and don't turn yellow that quick.