Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Things I could do without!

Here's something I could do without.  Waking with a start at 0404 hrs to the sound of a crash/thump with a slide sound all done in a hurry.  Woke me right up.  I laid there straining to hear any more and what with the white noise machine I have in the room, that wasn't an option..hearing any softer sounds.  SO..I finally gave up, turned on the light and started from room to room.  The Boss of the house accompanied me.  We also looked out of the windows in case there was a..pardon the expression..thief in the night.  Didn't see one.  Headed to the bathroom and then back to bed.  Chilly too.  Anyway, I fell back to sleep and the Boss allowed that to go on till 0655!  I got up, checked each room and I think it had to be the stained glass (the real thing) piece I had, emphasis on had, hanging up on the big living room window.  I saw it on the floor as I came into the living room to open the vertical blinds.  It is heavy enough to make a decent thump and I guess the slide sound was it making its way over the cat scratcher pad and window sill.

They opened up the Red Neck Room for us today.  Not quite as many of us but were we ever always.  We meet for lunch.  I had a decent, a large amount of veggies..all the carb ones like mashed potatoes and corn, a tiny piece of meat (my choice) and then..I went back for cherry pie.  hence I had a BLT tonight for supper.

You know what I want?  Probably just Southern folks will really know what I mean here but I want a big ol' mess of fried potatoes and onions..fried in some grease..i.e. Crisco maybe, generous black pepper, some salt and fry, turning till it's golden brown..the slices I mean.  I don't like it but us folks raised with 'em do.  Nummy.

No therapy tomorrow as she will be attending a class.  So no more till Tuesday. I come to see what you've said.


  1. Fried potatoes with onions is yummy, though probably what I grew up with isn't quite the same.

    Now, though, just the thought is making my "million" gall stones give me grief. LOL!

    Beef/veggie stir fry for me tonight, definitely no grain and no starch. :-P

  2. I love fried potatoes and onions and I have been hungry for some too. I fry mine in canola oil.
    Your lunch sounds really good!


  3. So glad it was not a thief!! Long time ago, we heard a big noise in the midnight. We ran downstairs and found out that was one of my kitties (Goro) who jumped up on a kitchen shelf and dropped a pan. When we ran, we did not think it might have been a thief. We determined it was Goro before verifying as he was (and is) always a mess maker :-)
    I hope therapy is going smoothly with you!

  4. Maybe it's the southern born side of me thinking that sounds wonderful...or maybe it's just being a human being! wow! That sounds sinfully delicious! The weather here has me a bit edgy going from hot to at first then of course cold as the night wears on...ugh. My i-Touch remains my white noise machine but some nights that just doesn't cut it. I bet you're looking forward to some relief from therapy...enjoy every single moment of that!

  5. Things that go thump in the night..... machine guns, mortars, bombs, explosions and pictures falling off the wall. That last thing made me jump, all the way out of bed.

    Fried taters n onions... haven't had that in n age. Keeps the grease off bacon when I fry it, got me some taters and there are some onions in the garden..... gonna have a feast. Thanks for the idea. Now to find some real coarse ground pepper.

    Hang in there on the therapy.

  6. Fried potatoes and onions sounds good to me. All except the crisco part.

  7. Fried potatos sounds ogod - fixed just the way you said too. I grew up with fried potatos - nothing better.

  8. OMG. Just the thought of those fried potatoes (I ABSOLUTELY LOVE POTATOES!) and onions is making my mouth water.....

  9. Raised in a family with a Southern father those potatoes were almost a weekly thing.

    Sure glad there was no 'thief in the night'.

    Fun, friends and mashed potatoes. Just doesn't get much better.

  10. We gets those bangs in the night too.... mom will lay there and debate "to get up or not". :) Enjoy no therapy!

  11. We hear noises like that during the night once in a while...usually one of the girls is to blame.

    I love potatoes fried like that...grew up in Ohio with them done that way. Now I'm thinking we just may have to have some tonight...if I can wait that long. Just might be lunch!!