Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Five Minutes to work on a Task? HA!

I decided to put that "just do an unpleasant task for 5 minutes by timer and quit when it goes off.  Next day, do that again till it's finished".   Two days ago I put it into action.  No timer though, but I did quit after a few minutes.  Thing is, I was indeed finished within about 8 minutes.  Very nice and I rested on my laurels newly earned.

Yesterday, I took all the frozen foods out of the freezer, threw away very little I was surprised to see, and re-organized the freezer which it needed terribly.  NOW I can see what I have.   Today, I was in Hobby Lobby and found two little storage things for my desk top in the kitchen.  I had to go through everything piled up there and file, throw away or whatever.  That whole task was time consuming.  No five minutes there.  A good half hour or better--- but it got done.

Glutton for punishment I am, because then I came in with a bag and emptied the shredder.  It's in a tight place  and no matter how careful I am, there is a mess of shreds on the carpet after lifting the cutter. Dumped out the stuff, cleaned up the mess, shredded what was waiting and voila...another odious task done.

The junk drawer is in desperate need as is the desk drawer.  OH!  Woe is me.  Shall  I do it today?  Nope.  Suffered enough.

Did you know that NO one knows how to drive?  I have been in a car as passenger quite a few times being hauled in to work as I could not get down off my hill or out of my upward sloping driveway with snow/ice etc.  A Z28 doesn't/didn't help.  (now I have a Toyota Corolla just to be clear).  So, on the way to or from work or just anywhere in general I would hear from various people "These idiots just don't know how to drive"!!! I inferred that the driver in each case was the only individual who DID know how to drive.  I knew I didn't know how to drive obviously  as I was asking for a ride, right?  Anyhoo, each driver has declared that the rest of the folks out there are idiots and simply don't know how to drive.  They made awful mistakes and caused the driver trouble.  Like the ones who creep up a hill that you are trying to race up and git'er done.  There they are. Idiots. In your way.  Idiots, and they don't know how to drive.

And so on.  I got to thinking that there were only perhaps half a dozen folks here in a town full of idiots that "know how to drive".   I never said that, or I would have been booted out of the car and told to walk, don'tcha know?


  1. Haha!! Nice day for a sarcastic rant!! I'm with you on the dearth of drivers who "know how to drive"! Amazing really! It's like normally rational people become the green hulk behind the wheel. Must be the surfeit of gamma rays! :-) Doing those icky picky little chores is always a ...... errr ..... chore!! xx

  2. My, my, my you have certainly been the busy beaver! Kudos (I hope that's the right word) to ya'. I got tired just reading about all you were doing. Even worse, I need to do the same things. I'll get "a round tuit" ... ONE day! Hahahaaaa

    Have a good week, my dear friend.

  3. Our freezer needs organizing, too. And my drawer really, really needs to be organized. I should try the "5 minutes" thing :-)

  4. Bill's usual vehicle has 18+ wheels. Trust me, we know about drivers, both good and bad. The horror stories are endless, though some are actually funny! From what I hear, "four-wheelers" are the "worst". They tend to take chances they should not. Bill is extraordinarily safe and patient. He was born to do this. Stay safe! Hugs.

  5. LOL- I do that sometimes. Make myself do one odious little job a day...and it really does feel good...and it is manageable timewise----which reminds me----my freezer needs cleaning out! xo Diana

  6. Sounds like you have got a lot of cleaning done. I am lucky my hubby burned brush which saved me a lot of shredding, I just had him toss it all into the fire.

  7. Hi Sis!
    I put it action No timer and quit when it does off.
    Threw away very little storage thing for The desk top in kitchen.That whole task was time consuming. but it got done.How careful I am what was waiting and voila another odious task done. Woe is me shall he does it today.
    Your exploration into photography can finally move learning
    more and how to use the camera fully you can sit tally relaxed for a short time....that was you told me too.
    I hope you have cherry tea from now My dear Sis from Australia.
    Sis Katie,and Victoria

    1. Oh, my cherry tea! I have not spoken of that for a long time!

  8. It started with our annual apartment inspections but I keep redoing shelves and under the cabinets. I am in process slowly of redoing my closet too. I am finding lost items and throwing away a lot. SPRING Is the time for it, always has been. A renewal of my living space. Put up two new pictures and added some new touches here and there. I am enjoying it right now.
    Glad things are coming together. TODAY I REMEMBER OUR DEAR BETH WHO LEFT US TWO YEARS AGO. HOW TIME FLIES.. <3 xoxo

  9. I know what you mean concerning the little tasks that you put off. Soon you end up with a bunch of little tasks which can really be considered one big task.
    You think nobody knows how to drive down there, you should come up here! I do feel sorry for people from out of state. Not New Englanders but people from further out. Boston area traffic is notorious for it's confusing road layouts. Many dating back to the 1600's. Maybe I will get those machine guns mounted on the hood of my car.