Thursday, May 11, 2017

There Are Times I Wish I DID Have Beans in My Ears...

When I go into a store...department store, drug store, grocery store I have started to hope I won't be subject to shrill whistling by the clerk.  Just whistling a tune or making noise...all high pitched and piercing.  Usually women.  Don't know any men so far who seem to do that at their station behind the cash register.

Then ya got'cher  folks, always women so far, who feel the need to free that song they have within themselves while you are  standing at the register or waiting to get there.  One in particular was singing along with the music piped through the drug store a few days ago. Oh my ears.  Um, no.  Please.  Stop.   The humming folks are just as awful to be next to or work with. (I have had this experience.  She was doing it to annoy the other three persons and myself).  (It worked! whattaya know)?

And how are you ladies able (only women so far in my experience) to pop your gum loud enough to the point of sounding like a pistol shot?  Captive audience here in the line...please stop.

These behaviors can also take place where you work, and it is difficult to endure hours each day as frequently you must.

I have hoped to escape those behaviors since I was a kid--- so ain't nothing new.  So far, no luck but at least I can walk away.  And do.


  1. Actually, I passed a young guy while heading to the bus stop after work, just within the past couple of weeks, who was singing off-key with whatever *he* was listening to. Made me grin.

    Alas, I do sing (off key), though generally only in the house. I've been told I sing when I vacuum (i.e. am happy, and yes, I do like to vacuum). Usually I'm singing some old favourite Anglican hymn from 40 years go. LOL. Or something that I've heard and have stuck in my head.

    Gum-popping by either/any gender irritates me, though!

  2. Sorry but LOL at the title :-) Once my desk at work was next to this lady, who didn't sing but talked to her friends on the phone very loud and often. Work calls won't bother me, but private calls during work hour were hard to endure. Glad my desk moved afterward...!

  3. After all my years in the supermarket business (46 years), the thing I found most annoying was not the singing or whistling, it was people on the phone.

    1. Yup. It ALL says "It's all about me. I don't care about you."

  4. Phoebe says you can borrow her ear muffs if you want :)

  5. Eeeewwww, that does sound so annoying. Thank goodness I have not run into this. Wellll, maybe that's because I don't go shopping very often. LOLLL And, I always pick a time when the parking lot is practically empty when I DO go. I gotcha point though, very annoying!

    I hope you have a great weekend.

  6. Hi Sis!
    The cherk just wistling a tire of make noise all high pitohed and pienring When singing along with music piped through the store a few can radies only worman so far in your experience I like the old clothes from a wardrobe. Like new items, letting go of friends who no longer fit letting go of friends who no longer fit leaves space for fresh relationship that bring something richer to our lives.
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki and victoria
    A Mother day tomorrow in here!

  7. Shop online! Solve all your problems ;-) Though this kind of behaviour doesn't seem to be so prevalent here. But as other have said, the worst thing these days is the phone!!! Grrrr!

  8. Guilty of two counts of mindless noise-making, your Honor! I sing along to the overhead music as I walk through the aisles at the grocery store. I also mumble / talk to myself while at work. I didn't know about it until I worked in a 3-person pod. I got told in no uncertain terms just how annoying it was! I tried really hard to stop. I know I never really did, despite my best intentions.