Sunday, December 31, 2017

AT LAST!!! And Happy New Year too.

I have been unable to log into the blog for weeks.  That goes along with the inability to comment from accounts onto Word Press blogs except the paid-for ones.  FINALLY I was able to get in and change passwords here.  Whew.  Welcome home to ME!

Happy New Year to you all.  My year is ending sadly as my brother passed away two days after Christmas.  I (and my sons and family) will go to his services when they are ready there.  Over the mountains to SC so I hope there is no snow.  Waiting to hear from my niece.   Love my brother very much.  Both brothers are now gone.  My immediate family via my mother and dad are all passed on now. One does feel alone.  Of course I have my own family but my brothers and parents are gone.  

It is cold cold cold.  Will be the single digits in temps during the week, and not up to freezing for the high.  I have stopped my outdoor walks the day after Christmas as it is too brutally cold especially with the breeze blowing.  After this next week perhaps the temps will moderate somewhat.

We had a great Christmas.  Christmas eve we went for dinner and gift exchange at my married sons home with his wife and child.  We had a wonderful time and tried not to eat into a comatose state!  Christmas day, just my other two sons and me were here at the house and we exchanged our gifts one with the other and went out to a good hotel for Christmas brunch.  Beautiful day...sunny and cold.

this was in Consumer Reports.  

wish this were me right now..I am that sleepy.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about your brother passing. My mom, dad & only brother/sibling are gone, too. It is different-we become the oldest generation and there is something sad about that in a way. Mother and Dad have been gone a long time but my brother passed 3 years ago. I miss him dearly.

    God bless you as you head into the New Year of 2018. I am so glad that you were able to get back into your blog so you can post. Love to you- xo Diana

  2. Carole, I'm so terribly sorry about your brother's passing. My thoughts are with you and your family at this time.

    I do wish you a good new year, one that's filled with far more laughter and fun than tears.

    Purrs from Nicki and Derry, hugs from me.


  3. Carole, we are so very sorry to learn of your brother's passing. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We love you lots, and wish you a 2018 filled with all good things.

    Kevin, Tracey and Gracie

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. Please have a safe trip to SC. Hugs

  5. Oh Carole, i am so sorry. Just remember you are not alone, you know that. It is very harsh to lose immediate family, those loved ones we grew up with and were so much part of our lives in the beginning.

    I am so out of touch with everyone these days. I told my only middle sister that I do not have any friends. Well, my hubby. He is my very very best friend, however, I do not have any pal around pals. Then again, I do not really have any time for friends. I can just say hello and see you later mashed potater.
    I am not outside much in this freezing weather. I went to the store up the road, Harris Teeter.
    Last year, no, two years ago, we got a treadmill. I like it very much and use it daily. It sits right in front of the tv and I also constructed a table for my laptop.
    I will keep you in my prayers as always, ((bigsqueezyhugs))

  6. I am so sorry about your brother. Losing a loved one is devastating. My love and prayers to you all.

    I hardly go out in this weather except to get in and out of car to go right into the store. After the broken ankle years ago and now a new hip, I'm definitely leery of falling.

  7. Dearest Carole,
    It is very sad and emotionally touching if the last brother passes away.
    Pieter is the sole survivor on his side... So we know what you mean.
    Wishing you the strength for living through this, also as the only emotional support for your nieces and nephews.
    Don't know if your sister-in-law is still alive? Pieter's were all gone too.
    We can only envy our fur babies as they live such a plush and sheltered live, full of love.
    But we LOVE them. Oh, how we missed ours for the 7 nights... making us feel guilty but there is no alternative.
    Sending you hugs and comfort,

  8. Glad to see you managed to get in and change things and here's hoping you don't have any more problems

  9. I'm so sorry to hear of your brother's passing Carole. Losing a loved one is so hard, but even more so at Christmas. May you find some comfort in your memories.

    I'm glad you had such a nice Christmas with your adult children and grandson.

    Happy New Year!

  10. I am sorry to hear about the hard ending to 2017. Losing family is hard. I know; my parents and youngest sister died this past 7 years... May 2018 be a better year full of love from your younger family members.

  11. I was very sorry to read of your brother's passing. I am sure he must have been too young for such a tragedy, and yes, I can imagine that it must make you feel rather alone. Even with others around, there is something about being alone in one's generation that is lonely. The loss you feel will of course carry into the new year, but I wish that 2018 brings you only good and wonderful things, and makes you feel better and better each day.

  12. Carole that was such sad news concerning your brother. You are one of my old Spaces buddy's. I hope the new year is good to you. Stay strong my friend.

  13. So sorry for your lose, and that it took me this long to comment about it! Let's hope for a kinder, gentler 2018.

  14. Hi Sis! You had told me about your brother passing I'm very sorry for you, but your married son's with home with him wife and children you has a wonderful time 2018, I'm so happy with you enjoyed to three differing time of closes, I was more normal walking day now there Itchy eyes skins will come up soon,

  15. Glad you could finally get logged in to blog. I know I already told you, but again, I am sorry about your brother. I hope the snow holds off for you. XO

  16. Hey! So good to see you! I had horrible problems getting into my own blog (to start it up again) and now have found sort of a back door way of doing it. Mother of invention, right?
    Carole, I am so sorry to hear the news about your brother. Expected or not expected, it never is easy when it comes about and I am sending you heartfelt sympathy, love and understanding. I am the very, very last in my line: no parents, no siblings, no cousins, no relatives at all, so I know what you mean. Couldn't have kids, so that's out, too -- sort of answers the question of why my pets are my babies.
    But on a happier note, I am so glad to find your page again as so many have stopped blogging. I'm hoping for a resurrection of bloggers ;)
    BIG hug to you, my friend. Talk later...and I will be back for sure. XOXOXO