Friday, October 6, 2017

Looky Looky

I captured a cloud Hummingbird!  Wanna see?  The wings sweep back...the long beak is at 9 o'clock...the tail streams backward as expected.  That lower right hand side wing will clip that tree.  He'd better be careful.  I don't have to feed him or her.  Speaking of that, I do believe my hummers are gone now until next Spring, in April.  I will leave their food up and change it as a matter of fact this very day to keep it fresh for any weary travelers making their way back to their over wintering grounds.

They do remember where they get food, if they are "your" hummingbirds used to eating here even if it's just a stop off  at the restaurant of Chez Katie's Mommy Cafe.  Best nectar around.  Home made meals on the menu every time!


  1. I recall the first time meeting a hummer in person; I was visiting a friend, and sitting at their breakfast table. This HUGE buzzy thing came right at my head, from the other side of the window and I recoiled! Then, watching that hummer and a few others as they drank nectar at the feeding station suctioned to that window, I was enthralled!

  2. What pretty clouds! If I recall, the hummers stay around here all year or at least some of them do.

  3. Very creative Carole! I can see the hummer clearly.


  4. That is a good cloud picture! I have always 'seen things' in clouds, too. Fun post. xo Diana

  5. What a beautiful cloud hummingbird! I agree they remember where they get food, and your Cafe must be very famous among them as a great dining spot :-)

  6. Hi Sis!
    Looks of cloud are always beautiful picture for us But your expected the longer side wing was clip to trees. your s many thing of weather change back to wintering grounds.
    I do remember where you get food must at the restaurant of Katie cafe best Salmon treats.
    Sis,Katie,and victoria

  7. Dearest Carole,
    That was a great catch and quick reaction.
    Seeing little dreams in the sky is a blessing!
    Sending you hugs,

  8. The cloud is ovely. My hummers vanished suddenly last week. It went down to 41F.

    But I am keeping fresh nectar out. There may be hummers migrating through here.

  9. Clouds look like so many awesome things

  10. Oh! That is a hummingbird cloud, for sure! We love it when hummers visit. :)