Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Whatta Reward

Well, I left Friday am early-ish to head to Charlotte NC.  Got there in the usual to house in 4 3/4th hours.

We went out to eat, came home..both of us were tired so we headed to our rooms.  Could I go to sleep despite being up from o'dark early?  No.  I napped off and on thru the night and gave up at 0440 and got up.  We left the house at 0550.  Stopped somewhere down the road for a fast food brekkie.  Continued on and made it to the Military School at 1000...just in time for Family Day.  All of the Cadets were out on the Parade grounds and each troop put on a wonderful drill/exercise.  That was the 4 week mark and they did great considering the short length of time.  My grandson did better because he is used to all that from several years in the Naval ROTC.  He's quite good at it really.

They were finally dismissed and we went to town for lunch and shopping and for him, phone calling to his friends.  He hd to be back by 1500 so we had to say goodbye then.  I have hand made some cards for him with a military theme.  He really likes them.  He also likes being there and he's in such spectacular physical shape before he got there, no one can scare him with the physical requirements.  He's as liable to say "Please Sir, May I have some more"?

We got home back to Charlotte about 1930 after stopping to eat and get a few craft things so I could make him another card..and went to bed, exhausted at 2130.  I slept like a rock as I knew I didn't have to worry about the clock going off.  I got up at 7...headed back here to home at home in the afternoon and slogged thru frozen slush for a while on the Mountains..higher elevations. NO fun.  Not even a little bit.  It certainly had me at attention.  I had to stop at a rest area to use the little room and I had to negotiate the frozen ice and snow from the minute I stepped out of the car till I stepped back in again.  Bah humbug.

Slept great at home Sunday punished me a few hours but slept glued to my back to make sure I wasn't leaving again AND...ta dahhh..the mouse was caught before I came home.  Ded ded ded.

Monday, I got up, worked out and had the first symptoms of a bad head cold..sore throat, one ear and yukky drip in the throat.  Must be the really COLD damp/rainy VERY windy conditions we all had to stand out in to watch the Cadets.  LONG cold miserable time. Worth it though.  I'll do it again next month.



  1. Sounds like you had a good time at Family Day. It's very sweet of you to hand make a card for your grandson.
    I'm sorry you may be getting cold...I hope it does not get too bad and you feel better soon!!

  2. I am glad you had a safe enjoyable trip. Kudos to your grandson!

  3. Welcome back Carole. You were missed. Your trip over the mountains made me want to journey back to New Hampshire. Not now though. In a few months.
    I can't believe you're a grandmother!

  4. take two hot toddy's n call in the morn..... have a goot one

  5. It's feels good to be back and catching up at long last, Carole. Be careful with that head cold. That sound like the way this bug going around up here starts and it lasts FOREVER, even with the folks who can take cold meds. I came very near to getting stuck in the VA Hospital in Salem and my team RN said it was looking that way for a while.

  6. SO busy!! no wonder you got sick :(
    sleep sleep sleep! glad you are back safely and got to buy some things and the mouse is gone yay!
    glad kitty is well, give her a smootch from me

  7. There are several mountain passes here that I wouldn't even consider crossing yet in these parts...some I don't doubt will be close for some time yet. It is a dangerous thing to navigate such places in this season...I'm glad you made it there and back safely. I hope you feel better soon.

  8. Whew..makes me tired reading that schedule.. sure hope you get some rest the next time you go. Winter is just no fun to travel..hope things will be more Spring like the next time. : )