Thursday, July 28, 2016


 "We got da hots outside dere" is what Katie Isabella said and I agree.  No open windows here for the duration and I only open the front door for her to patrol for us in the earliest part of the day.

I said on Face Book today that my Fitbit probably thinks I am deceased or something as there is so little on there.  Well by that I mean no 10,000 steps.  Just over half that is all I have been getting in the past month because of extreme heat and humidity.  Not walking in that.  Till this morning.  It was only 81 F. , and the heat index was 69%.  No sun was shining down at 1000 hrs to make it feel hotter by baking me, so I just decided the heck with it and took a walk.  Got 2 miles in and that's better than I would have had!

The baby is sick with a virus (he's 16 mo. old now) and passed it to his Dad who came home from work yesterday morning about 1100.  I recall those days well.  Child passing it to the parent.  But mine waited till they were in Kindergarten.  They oughtta call it GERMGarten! Man, I stayed sick with them for a good 8 years of school.  Flu and gastro- enteritis were our middle names around here!

I feel like a kazillion dollars.  Totally recovered from you-know-what! 😱 and I have been working out all along whether I felt like it or not.  I am beginning to push my personal "best" a bit each week.  Today I did that by an extra lap or two. I'm going to have a small procedure 5 August so that will slow me down for a week, but that won't take away anything I have gained.  I will be anxious to get out and walk plus my usual working out.  Just a short week.

I wonder how all of you are?  And by the way, does it seem to anyone else than me that time is like...totally flying by!  I can almost feel the whoosh as it flies by.  You get up...fix coffee and an egg. Feed you pet first of course if you have one, go work out and do your errands rtc.  Look at the clock and it's after noon time!  What happened?  Look again in three blinks of the eye and for pity sake, it's 1600.  Then, BEDtime.  Whoa Nellie.  A blur.

Temp showed 100 last Sat. 


  1. i really am becoming alarmed at how I feel like I am on a speeding train but i am in slow motion. Unfortunately my energy level is the pits too and it isnt the heat since i got an AC. .. perhaps if i did something fun one of these years

    1. the less you do Jade, the more tired you are. Go out and walk. Start with a round the block and then start building. You will begin to feel better and better. Really.

  2. Time is certainly on a mission!! Hope baby and his dad feel better soon xxx

    1. Fanky yoo Austin. They looked sad yesterday in pictures I got.

  3. GermGarten sounds appropriate, haha.
    When kids get virus, the whole family have the same. I hope your grandson and his dad will get better soon.
    Time flies so fast that it's scary! Before you know it, it's Christmas!

  4. Oh it's hot here as well! Though today is the first day in two weeks that it hasn't been over 90 degrees but it's still quite humid. I can't wait to move back to my place when all the renovations are done and get back on the treadmill. I have put on a few pounds thanks to my sisters tasty cooking. Stay cool!

  5. Yes, I recall those days of eternal viruses.
    Christina was NEVER sick, ever ever. She brought stuff home though And Lizzie was a germbag.
    My old boss used to call for a chat and always asked why I ALWAYS had laryngitis hahaha
    I hope all of them get better. This is a reminder to those young aged parents to keep healthy.
    fresh air and all that.
    I am always so busy, I never know what day it is, or what number for sure haha
    Today I spent two hours at the dentist with dad. He got some teeth pulled and now I am at the peeps making pudding for dad, and will go get their dinner from the Café later - an omelete
    So I am glad you have AC, you know John Kerry thinks AC is evil and bad. bad bad bad!
    Happy Week-end. I hope you have a fun week-end. I never worry about exercise anymore. I have a treadmill and watch old movies like The Revenge of the Pink Panther - hilarious
    and I do sit up and stuff with Pierro on my tummy
    I do love you Carole, I am just busy all the time. This is my life. I do not even remember the old one. I am working on several sewing projects and spending lots of time with Silly Sarah. She is so adorable.

    1. I think you are the one who has known me the longest, you and the boys and we love you too. Truly.

  6. Sarah and James ought meet one day!

  7. This heat is unbearable, it is healthier to take less steps in it. I hope the baby and your son feel better soon.

  8. Yup, Time sure does zoom bye when one gets older.

  9. Your 'get up and go" spirit is a blessing to you and all that know you! Poor boys. Reminds me of an old ad for something where Grandpa says, "What did you learn in school today?" to which the little boy said, "Sharing."

    New Year. Blink. August.

  10. I've always been lucky with germs. I spent years carpooling with the mothers of young school-age kids. An hour each way. They were always sick with something going around, but were determined to save their leave for maternity purposes. Sneezing, coughing, etc.

    They got each other sick all the time too, but I never caught anything from them. Luck of the genetic deal, I suppose...

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  12. Dearest Carole,
    Oh yes, we both are fighting that time racing! Can't get it all done in this sweltering heat.
    Glad that the painters finally finished our stair case area on Wednesday. Thursday, Pieter wanted to hang things back on the wall. They used a roller for two coatings and for that they took ALL nails out etc. Hate to hang it anew. BUT Pieter watered some plants outside and discovered that the HUGE limb from the oak tree had come down finally. Our tree man never showed up to cut it... Hate the wait. But mother nature took action and we are all lucky, it did not hit the neighbor's airconditioning unit and neither our picket fence! Only lots of work, Pieter did cut it with the chain saw but he cannot move the heavy logs.
    We had a pleasant swim yesterday at our friends' in very warm water!
    Biking daily is hard to do, longing indeed for cooler weather...

  13. It's been very warm here, too, but we think the summer heat is better than the dead of winter. :)

    Sorry to hear James and his dad caught that virus. We sure hope they're both back to health very soon.

    Hugs to you and Katie!