Saturday, May 30, 2015

YEA! SUN! For Now

Thank you for the birthday wishes for Erich yesterday.  That was a hard won birthday.  xoxox

We went to Applebee's and had supper.  They have a wonderful sling-like thingy to hold an infant's bulky carseat.  That worked great!  So everyone ate and I had to have a half Caeser  salad with grilled chicken.  I ate it nekkid, no dressing,  as I hate salad dressing almost always unless it was what my Dad used to make back when I was a girl.  So I left even half of the chopped lettuce types there and ate the chicken and some lettuce.  I am on a diet despite not looking too bad, as it is better for me to do so.  AND I wanted a piece of cake when I  got home.  Oh my goodness was that good  The other son stopped and got ice-cream on their way home here to go with the ice-cream.  YUM.  There went the diet what with the cake and the ice-cream but gee..ya gotta do that sometimes.  Nommy!

James was a model baby!  Kissed the hide off him,  each one of us.  He got passed around like a bowl of candy while we all loved on him.

Just wanted to say thank you for coming by for his birthday greeting.  You'll not realize what it meant to me.  xxoo to you each.  Thank you.

THIS would have been appropriate YESTERDAY had I thought of it!  Dang!!!


  1. It sounds like it was a great birthday party in all ways. Good for James for being good and allowing for everyone to have a good time. Cake AND ice cream!! YUM!

  2. Glad you got shot of the diet for the day ... almost!! As you know, I did too, in honour of Erich of course ;)

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. I must be careful not to over do this coming week. What's better than cake and ice cream?

  4. Glad you had a wonderful time! Happy belated birthday to Erich. I wasn't at bloggie yesterday. Big hug Carole. Glad you're feeling better after your bronchitis ordeal too!

  5. Sounds like you had a great time! Cake and ice cream...mmm, yep, you gotta do that sometimes :-)

  6. Good for you about reducing the salad dressing. I have a weakness for it. I could drink Italian dressing straight from the bottle! Well, at least that's better that chugging 1,000 Island Dressing. LOL!

  7. Happy Birthday to Wonderful Erich.
    I am so happy all of you had a celebration together with that little baby boy. How fun. Christabelle is 38 weeks today

    How are you feeling? Are you feeling better in the chest? How are the new drugs working out?

    Yesterday I went to a quilt expo all day.

    I do not like salad dressing very much, I have very little because it is too greasy or strong. I always ask for it on the side at a restaurant, then I put on two drops. or dip some tomato in it.

    Today is going to be a roaster outside. I will get the soup and bread for dad at the cafe at Ashby Ponds. they have this twice a month. Carole, we could live at this place.... oh my.
    Then I have to come home and itemize for Purple Heart. We have a small pile now, I have really so much more, but ugh, too busy.
    I just rolled out of bed, so I better drink my coffee now, before I write a novel here.
    Love always

    1. Yup. I have coughed till there ain't no more coffin' left in there! xox

  8. Bill is still in flood ravaged Texas. It truly is bad there and in OK. He has spent the past couple of weeks running between them. Enjoy the sunshine and flowers! ❤

  9. Hi Sis!
    Happy Birthday Erich! You had supper and they had an infant bulky carret and you had grilled & Chichken with casser salad.
    Your dad to make be back when you was a girl! You on diet despite not too bad with other son with the Ice cream his yunga men..
    James are young baby.. just like when was a lovely babys You has bing
    not to many yeas ago Sis! Your memory of those soft good looking jadys!
    Enjoy coffe to drinking now thinking about me!

  10. Yes, indeed. Cake and ice cream just HAVE to be done sometimes. :)

    Glad you had such a great time celebrating Erich's special day!

  11. Hi sis!
    You had to havea half casser salad with grilled Chicken with salad when salad dressing that time my dad used make back when youwas a girl.
    Your on a diet despite not looking bad sis!
    I was very happy with Erich and James are loveley time with you sis.
    Have a wonderful time to Yam coffee!
    I can't playing golf for few weeks I don't wonting to has bad cold with me.
    Sis.Katie Miyuki.and Victoria.

  12. Blessings and happy belated birthday.
    I trust you know that you are blessed and highly favored.