Friday, July 23, 2010

Company's Coming July 23

The oldest will be home late this afternoon and leave tomorrow noonish.  Miss Catt will have another admirer to make her day and evening and another person to spurn if it is her wish to do so.  Wink I am also on the receiving end of that I might add, although she was extra sweet this morning after she got me up.  She climbed up onto my pillow so that her face was next to mine, and I could feel her purring through hers and my pillow to my ear (I was on my side) I had a delicate little hand and arm over my wrist and a chance to kiss that wee sweet face.  That lasted maybe 5 or 6 minutes and then it was time to get serious and get up!  When I did, I discovered she had let me sleep till 0733! That was an hour later. So I got up and tended to her breakfast.  Hungry girl as she polished it off.

We are having meatloaf tonight.  I usually do that dish about every 5th time he comes here.  I believe there will be a rice dish to accompany and possibly peas as well. 

It is supposed to be 98 today with a heat index of 105.  WHEW!  I'm telling ya, I don't really feel a lot like leaving the house unless I have to or have a social engagement.

Thank you so much for the comments on the picture on Flickr and the BlogSpot blog.  I always appreciate that. 


  1. You might be having the oldest home for tonight's dinner, but Carole, I'm here now, so where's the coffee? Just kidding, although I can't stop playing with Maukie, the virtual cat. I'm sooooo hooked.
    Miss Catt and her little arm and paw over your wrist this morning was just about the sweetest visual I've had in ages. They have the purrrfect way of making you melt, don't they? Mine are the same and even if one of them has knocked the breath right out of me by landing HARD on my chest when I'm asleep, well, that little purr and lick afterwards is just the ticket to make everything so good again. I adore all animals, but cats are and have always been my favorites. Instant connection.
    Well, old girl, the weather is the same here, too. Horrible doesn't even describe it anymore. Between the sweat pouring down me when I fill up the water bowls for the critters outside, and the crunching of the dead grass and averting my gaze from all my dead flowers and bushes in the back yard, well, you get the idea. Crummy. BUT, there's always a good blog walk, right?
    Lovin' it over here, gal xoxoxo

  2. You asked if I was indentured, LOL. OH YESSSSSS, in fact, I think I may have even given birth to these 2. Ewww, that was bad! But as anyone that has no kids can tell you, the animals take over and become the perpetual 2 yr old of the house.
    Is that your Miss Catt in your profile photo? Begging? A Tortie! How gorgeous! My Maine Coon, Sam has a resemblance to her. Did I tell you that I used to have a big yellow male cat who's name was Mr Cat? Sure did, and that's what he'd always come runnin' to. "Mr Cattttttttttt, Num-a-num-a-nummmmmmmm" -- which always meant food, lol.

  3. Oh my cats are at war again the last couple of days. Poor Wildflower is being attacked all the time. But at least down she takes it in stride and doesn't freak out and go into hiding. She rarely goes down to the greenhouse to get away. Both of them are enjoying the warm weather outside and summer hunting. One of them actually got a pack rat and left it at the door. Oh I just made meatloaf last night. It is one of my comfort foods. We had it almost once every couple of weeks when I was a kid. Last night I added salton crackers and cottage cheese. It was delicous and moist. Well have a wonderfu visit with you son. Hugs carrie

  4. Hello again. The beautiful dock on the lake is not ours. We were justing visiting for the day. That is my hubby in the canoe out on that lake. We only have the creek running thru out property with the beaver ponds. As for Wildflower no she doesn't get hurt. Siriun mostly just pounces her then runs. They did get into a little boxing match the other day, but again Siriun backed down first. Like I said before Wildflower could get Siriuns ass if she wanted to. But I do worry sometimes that someone may get a claw hooked and cause an infection. I always watch that nothing get to serious between them.

  5. I'm almost feeling guilty about all the nice weather we're having up here. I feel sorry for everyone that's having all the heat, humidity and storms. What a summer, huh?