Saturday, July 10, 2010

That was WHEN now?? 5/06

Some may have wondered  or commented at my use of 24 hr. time.  A.K.A. "military time".
It is an ingrained habit.  When you work in an environment that uses military time solely, you do it  without giving any conscious effort to its useage.  Something the kids in my household grew up with, understand and use many times themselves.
It's also a great  short 'n' lazy way to tell time in writing!  Think about it. 
Everyone knows 1:00  am.  If you don't feel like saying AM to make sure your reader knows you are speaking of morning, not afternoon, you have the option to write 0100.  The first hour of the new day after midnight.  So...what happens when you get to the afternoon?  Well, 12:00PM becomes 1200 hrs.  Then...1:00PM becomes the next hour up.  1300. No PM or AM..easy and lazy woman's way to git 'er done.
1800=6:00PM time to eat!!
0000=midnight or 2400 hrs.  The start to a new day, hence 0000 hrs.
So, that's why I do it..habit, and why it's so easy.  Ya say it literally hundreds of times per 12 hr. shift and it is second nature to ya.
You all take care out there.  Be safe.

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