Monday, July 19, 2010

Beautiful Day '06

Outstanding day.  Hot but pretty.  After the usual morning places, I got to the bookstore and picked up a new birding book.  1 each for me and my son whose pictures you have seen (a few of them). I have many bird books but they are old and I have probably at least a thousand books and can't find them (bird books) easily.  Having the rooms painted and being in a hurry to put things back and get to bed so as to get to work made me careless.  They badly need to be all taken out (oh, mercy!  What a job!) and sorted and put back in correctly.
So, bought another for me and one for him so he will know who he is taking photographs of and label them accordingly.
Made another batch of hummingbird food.  Cheryl, if you happen to be reading this I hope you made that ratio 4:1 regards sugar.  Someone on the net, wherever you happened to have gone apparently wanted to put the little ones on a diet or something with that 1/3 of a cup of sugar.  Poor fellers.  :)
Still on that diet.  Agonizingly slow but it IS working  (I am on Weight Watchers again) and I needed the intervention or I would still be gaining.  Not smoking after all the time I did, is apparently more ingrained a behavior than I gave credit to.  If one can show discipline in all other ways, and I can, then I naturally and mistakenly thought I could do so with food.  I was wrong.  But, a talk with my doctor set me to rights again.  So far.
Did I ever tell you I have a Napoleon "thing"?  I love the man!  Well, he's gone of course..just I have loved all the history regarding him.  Intelligent, gutsy, ambitious. I have two busts in the house.  One small and one considerably larger.  I just turned to look at the disheveled bookcase in the computer room and saw the smaller bust on the bookcase. That's why I said what I did.
My oldest should be here tomorrow.  Another person will visit Wednesday sometime before she goes back to Va.  She is a former neighbor and has had 2 children since leaving and wants me to see them. 
My middle boy and his son head to Texas Tuesday and will be gone for 9 days I believe.  We will text message I hope.  (He's the son in Charlotte).
My youngest just came back from a week long conference  in Minneapolis and heads back to work tomorrow.  *I* head back to work Thursday...starting another round of midnights. Sigh.
Nothing much happening here and I could use the downtime.  I have just been going here and there when I feel like it.  And an occasional meal out with a friend.
You all take good care. 

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