Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First Day Off 06

Have another hour to wait until I can go for my haircut.  I have two pictures of me with my hair that length for her to use as a model since she has never cut my hair before.
Meanwhile I thoroughly enjoyed Pete Lustig's blog inviting us to rant and/or vent about life's annoyances.  By the time I got done I may as well have written a blog, I took up that much space.  Actually I have written several blogs on that topic, just under a different sort of title.
He was talking about Dr. office visits where you wait wait and wait some more.  Rude or non existant customer service in stores.  We all of us who responded agreed and gave examples of our own.
Today I stopped at Mc you -know -who's to try their fruit salad.  Something about the black bowl presentation, uniformly sliced apples and the sugared walnuts appealed.  Got home..opened it and there for almost 4 dollars were about one apple's worth of slices, a tiny bowl of what they say is yogurt dipping sauce ( tasted wierd..I steered clear of it) about 3 red grapes and not a walnut to be found.  Ever have your mouth set for something, go out and order or buy same and ta-dah...the order skips what your mouth is set for. That's not bad compared to Burger K*ng.  I went there with the boys and order Whop*ers for all.  They opened theirs, I opened mine and behold!  Not a piece of meat in sight!!!  Had to drive alllllll the way back there.  I used to have a temper (some would argue I still do) and when I got there to get the new Who*per, I did mention that I was not pleased.
Then there was a time when I stopped at Mc You-Know-Who's and ordered a big ol'  salad with chicken. AND with diet Vinagrette dressing.  I picked it up..headed straight to work, starved to death..on a strict Atkins diet and opened it when I got a small break.  I was livid when I saw there was nothing but LETTUCE in the salad cup..no kidding.  Lettuce only and what's more full calorie Ranch dressing.  I'm un-American in that I don't like salads anyway and I detest Ranch dressing.  I could not leave work.  Once you are there..you are for the full 13 hrs.and you only leave early feet first until your shift ends.  And by the way, I wasn't kidding there.
So here I was..starved to death and nothing to eat but lettuce.  I called the Manager of that place and read him the riot act that thanks to his staff I was stuck with nothing but vending machine stuff which I couldn't eat and had no money for.  He said to come back and get another I told him where I worked and he said " Oh." So he said to come in and tell him next time and he's see I got another.  Do you think with my schedule I remembered or had time?  No.  So there was another $4.75 gone down the drain.  Oh I was mad.
Anyway...usually I will check an order before I leave but didn't those times obviously.  They will do it right just long enough to lull you into a sense of security and wham!  You are missing half your order or they give you the wrong thing.
Woke up probably 7, 8 times in the night with my prayer list in mind.  You guys were definitly not forgotten!   but hoping to sleep thru this time.  Maybe.  GRIN.
Guys, I'm off to see the Wizard...you all take good care.
Here's a hug.

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