Saturday, July 24, 2010

Trip 8-06

I am headed to Charlotte in the morning.  Hope all goes well on the trip.  Since I am doing We-ight Wa-tchers, I am taking some things to eat with me as there is no use asking for low calorie things that they won't eat while I'm gone..I'll just bring my own. Stuff like shredded wheat, instant oatmeal, diet bread, that spray butter stuff and sugarless jelly.  I can hear the "YUM YUM" all the way here from you all.
It isn't the most wonderful tasting way to lose weight but it works, and the cereals are filling.  Throw in some fruit and some veggies and I'm good to go.
I'm all packed and I was outside on the deck reading when the mosquitoes drove me back in again.  That and several calls on my cell from my grandson asking me to bring some of my knife collection. So I had to come inside to ferret it out of its place in the dresser drawer.
Marilyn, I do thank you for the advice.  I have cut and pasted what you advised into a note pad format and saved it.
The end of next month will be the beginning of my exercise program.  I who used to be so fit, no longer am.  But I intend to be so again.  Certainly not to the level I was 20 years ago but I can sure get a start!' 
Hope everyone is well.  I will look at the blog fro my son's house to see how everyone is faring.
OH yes, before I is a thought to consider.  Yesterday I went to my house/car insurance agent to see if the house was adequately insured seeing as I upgraded a few things these past several years.  Due to the inflation ratio built into the policy it is where it should be.  However..every one should get their policy out and have a good thorough look at it in its entirety.  You may not have as much as you need and for goodness sake..if you have "fair market value" as to what you will be given if your home and its contents are destroyed, change that IMMEDIATELY!  You do NOT want that.  And look into your deductible too.  I had $500.00 and raised it to $1000.00.  I can afford that, most of us can, and it really  cuts the premium cost.  Seriously, look into what you have and make sure it's what you need.

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  1. Boy, am I ever glad you mentioned the house insurance. I need to make sure that I have "replacement cost" in there and also ck on the entire thing. Lots of yrs have gone by without changing anything. Whew, thanks.
    Carole, just how did THIS post land AFTER the "I'm Baaackkk" post? I got confused for a second, LOL. No matter, I'm on track again and heading to your next one! :D