Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Potpourri 06

I was watching "Dateline" last night.  One of the rare times I have watched TV.  However I was "caught" by the promo about counterfeit medicines.
They had a hidden camera expose type program where they started from scratch to attempt to draw out (via internet) such criminals and from there, try to get to the source of such activity. 
They were sucessful  in flushing out a Chinese operation and they showed us how it happens and what the fake medicine looks like.  The bottom line was: not only can the end consumer, us, not tell the difference between the fake meds and real ones but pharmacists can't either.  No, it's not extremely wide spread but enough so to scare the daylights out of medicine taking people.  Thus far, I am not one of them but that can change from day to day.  We never know what is in store (no pun intended) for us, health-wise.  What caught my attention to begin with regarding this program was the top story they featured of a elderly woman who died because the highly expensive cancer medicine she was buying from a reputable Pharmacy was, unknown to the Store and certainly unknown to her, fake.  She passed away.
For some reason the past three days MSN Spaces has a problem with  'Settings'.  Not everyone is affected.  I wrote to them and to their immense credit, they answered within 6 hours.  I had noticed that there was no record of anyone having been to visit my space but I knew there had been visitors as there have been comments.
They said that quite a few had reported that and they were working on it with no time or date projected as to when it will be fixed. 
I didn't think I would sleep well last night but I did.  After the family left just after noon yesterday me and the cat fell asleep in the recliner reading the Sunday papers.  Not just once but several times.  I would say I had two mini naps of about 25 minutes each and while trying to read "Consumer Reports" last early evening my eyes slammed shut and I drifted for a few seconds!  I decided that going to sleep after I got to bed wasn't going to be the problem I had anticipated, hence I went to bed and slept till someone's meowing woke me at 0655.
I have a luncheon after while.  Guess I need to start with my makeup.

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