Sunday, July 11, 2010

Glomming Onto Beth Marie's Blog Idea! What a schlump I can be!!

Beth Marie's blog was delightful. It always is, but this time she spoke of comfort foods. Since I have been heralding my home grown tomatoes, and trumpeting about food in general these past 2 blogs of my own, I am shamelessly going to borrow her idea! Comfort foods.

Of the list she put in her blog and recipes from the link she gave us, I was surprised that many of the top 25 weren't my top 25.

My top comfort foods entail the following: I love fried chicken, that's for certain and that was on the list. I love corn in several forms..on the cob or regular corn in a bowl. I love gravy of any sort. I don't hardly eat it but it is a GREAT comfort if I do. :-) I was desperate one time a long time ago, and got out 3 beef bouillion cubes, some water of course, a whole cut up fresh onion..a large potato, some baby carrots, fresh ones, and some frozen green peas. I boiled them all till tender..and to me, that's a comfort food but as Beth pointed out..we each have our own ideas about what that means.

I won't address desserts. I love 'em all. But for foods, real meal type foods, meatloaf is at the top of the list with mashed potatoes and corn in some form. As I told Beth, all carbolicious foods.

I love most veggies and if they are warm, I can eat a single veggie till I'm full and that's a comfort food too. I know..I'm deranged. I love roasted turkey a la Thanksgiving, dressing, cranberry sauce..all are comfort foods.

I love eggs in most forms and those too guessed it..a comfort food. I eat one every day.

Boiled eggs with butter on 'em and a piece of buttered la laaa!

Oh well, I just wanted to throw in my choices. IF I were going to mention sweets, then ice cream is supreme followed by cake and then fudge. I don't know how I managed not to weigh the same as Godzilla. Self discipline I guess.



  1. Me too Twin, I should weigh a ton too and I probably would if I didn't exercise every day.
    For comfort foods, I do go for the stuff loaded with lots of carbs. I would rather have stuffing and gravy instead of meat. Probably because I grew up in a big family and there was never a lot of meat on the menu.

  2. I don't think it is fair that you ate the whole tomato.

  3. I'm thinking about that in regards to our coming trip...that's a long way from the food we have here. Funny how just as real as culture shock is food shock!

  4. Gotta have those comfort foods every now an then.

  5. I live on cookies. However, my all time comfort food is ice-cream. That goes for my whole family.

  6. All that foods,I read twice is that you said comfort foods? that's much too much for me:-)
    You never mention about fish Tuna or salmon these day? maybe was wrong?
    Don't eat all tomatoes yourself that's cause your tummy ache LOL!
    xoxox Sis.

  7. My comfort foods have switched around. I love cheese and crackers. I love the Pita Bites from Costco but had to stop getting them. I would eat too many. I love apples and carbs.. Boy do I love Carbs. I too should weight a ton but I dont . In fact I lost . Maybe its just life.
    I had a heck of a time getting here. Your on my list but could not get here. Had to follow a trail. Have a wonderful day.