Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Rats, almost over 06

Well, four days and nights of perfect weather.  So fabulous that I felt on top of the world!!!  Oh it has been so wonderful!!!
Tomorrow however starts the midnight shifts and those will continue till Monday morning at 0700.
Had a wonderful long break.  Could not have been better.  Just enough family, just enough friends, just enough going out, just enough quietude.  Perfect.
One thing I finally got to today was getting the tires rotated.  Always a pleasant surprise when it's free.  I always haul out the wallet..and it's always no charge.  Then, I headed over to Sagebrush where I had lunch with the retired personnel from Pro Force.  All my buddies and much loved.  It's about the only way I can hope to keep up with them, and what has happened with the rest.  We were and still are a tight knit group despite the fact that the meetings are attended by working persons such as myself.
Glad I can still turn some male heads though.   I'll just leave it at that.  It'll be a mystery.  GRIN.
I really am not looking forward to starting up the shift rotation again tomorrow night.  I have to continue the rotation till the end of September then on to new things.  I won't know how to act what with not being, like, totally tired all the time and not having to miss holidays and birthdays any more. 
I do believe I will go out on the deck pretty soon while there is still light, and read.  So peaceful out there.  I've already started my accumulation of things for my work bag.  Poured 4 cereals into plastic baggies for the 4 mids..4 little bags of peanuts..fruit divided out for 4 shifts..and so on.  It really is like an assembly line.
I'll see you in and out throughout the 4 shifts..and will check on you.
Take good care.

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