Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Week's End

Hope everyone has an extra special weekend out there and a very happy Mother's Day those of you who care for children, have children, love them. And all your Grandmother's who give so much to their grandchildren and their parents.  Blessings and love to all of you.
This year on Mother's Day I won't embarrass my own children by publishing a praise blog as I did last year.  I decided to give them a break.  I know they probably cringed when they read it, grown up men that they are.  But they know how I feel without my telling the world as I try to demonstrate that love, as do all of you mom's, by showing it every day.
It is one of those strangely beautiful days.  I wish I had been awake and up to enjoy it but I have these few hours.  Why strangely beautiful?  It's colder'n whiz out there for one thing and there is a chill factor.  But the sky is blue and the sun is shining.  It is completely May out there in appearance.  Flowers, trees and all of that.  But it's cold. 
Have you ever become aware of the slant of the sun on the ground throughout the Seasons?  We sort of 'know' it's Fall, Spring, even Winter by the "look" of the sun's rays on the ground or slanting through the trees despite knowing by calendar.  There is a look to each season.  So we have here today the juxtaposition of May look...i.e. flowers, trees, sun slant and etc and the "feel" of Fall. To me, "strangely beautiful".  If that didn't make any sense, why shoot, not much of what I say does!!  :)
I have my clothes on, the cat was polite and let me sleep through.  My face is washed and I am poised to do makeup and all that to get ready for the shift tonight.  So I will leave you all with once again with the hope you have a good and safe weekend.

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