Saturday, July 10, 2010

Remains of the Day 5/06

Could not resist putting that groaner in there earlier today (blog entry).
I found I fell asleep this afternoon.  Thank goodness it was for about 35 minutes and not longer.  Had it been longer I certainly would be having a problem tonight.  And I have to get up early tomorrow as the shredders are coming.  That is not a family  that is the professional shredder company a comin' to shred my documents.  It would be a whole lot less  expensive if I dragged it all over to them in the next town but don't have the time and the traffic is terrible over there. 
Then my oldest son will be here for a day and night and tomorrow evening far as I know (if nothing changed) I get my helicopter ride.  I'll tell you how it was.  I am petrified of the idea but have to do's a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a tour of the Site where I work.  Won't come again.  I'm most fortunate.
I was sleepy despite having about 8 hrs. sleep last night as I did not get a lot of sleep while gone.  And since I'm off work till I start midnights Thursday, the lack of sleep won't impact me work-wise.  Besides the reasons for that lack of sleep were all good.  The main reason though turned out to be my grandson woke at 0200 hrs.  How do I know this?  Why, he snapped on that light (sounded like a bear trap closing) and opened his door.  That allowed the light to come down into my face where I was sleeping on the couch.  About 0430, I went upstairs and closed the door and requested he not do that again.  He was excellent and very considerate. So, back to the lack of sleep Friday night into Saturday,  I was running on about 4 hrs. sleep Saturday when we did all the things  I came to do, such as the Dead Sea scroll exhibit, the fabulous trip to The Black Lion (which is a somewhat upper scale furniture and accessory place) and yes, I had to buy something.  I will tell you...their fake plants are very VERY expensive but worth every dollar as they look so real they have fooled every person who has come into my home.  I have been admonished to "Put a saucer under that!  You'll ruin your table!" so many times it's hilarious.  The only live plants I have are succulents.  I haven't killed them yet!!
We also went to my grandson's soccer game first thing that morning, then lunch at home, then the exhibit, then Black Lion, then dinner, then refueling the car (mine) for the trip back, then out again for some dessert, then talking late and whew..I was tuckered since I hadn't much sleep to begin with.  Worth every minute of sleep deprivation.  I see I'm catching up today.  GRIN.
Been busy with the errands I didn't do last week due to travel and  some extra cleaning of the house as well as several loads of laundry.

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