Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Outstanding Day 4/06

Another warm and sunny day.  Wind's too hair, you know. Makes me look like Medusa.
But the oldest son went back home this afternoon and I have been cleaning up a little in preparation for the start of the midnight shifts tomorrow.
It is quiet, as usual, and peaceful here in this neighborhood I live in.  Times like these, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.
The oldest  while here put some more programs on my PDA that I enjoy.  One calculates straight line distances from here to there.  One is a drawing program, seems like something else too.  I have a sunrise and sunset program that tells sun and moon rising times in any part of the world.  I have where I live and where the oldest was born while we were in Europe. It's fun.  Doesn't take a whole lot to please me, does it??
I read something in Consumer's reports that was interesting.  If they say it, I believe it.  They said that, strangely enough, Vick's Vaporub applied under the toe or fingernail that is affected with fungus will eventually either cure it or make it much better.  Now, I won't tell if you don't, but if you have a toenail fungus, heck, it's worth trying. They did say over the course of months..not weeks.  From the ads I have seen regarding the perscription medicine for that sort of problem, Vick's beats the heck out of those side effects they mention.  I'm not saying I have a toenail problem but...if I do, I will be telling you down the road if it works. 
Going to have all this long long hair cut next time I head to the salon.  I will have a bob, shoulder length.  I have it up so much (and it is so hot in the summer) that I am finally going to bite the bullet and have it cut.  With it long like this, all I have to do is put it up in a high pony at night and let it fall in the morning (or vice versa if I am on midnights..GRIN) and that's it.  A bob means high maintainence but it looked good on me once while I had one.
That's it.

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