Monday, July 19, 2010

Ah, Tuesday '06

To family and friends, I am on the dreaded 6 day run.  I started yesterday morning, which was my Monday so to speak,and today, your Saturday, is my second day shift.  One more after today and I start midnights thru till Thursday morning next week.
I ran around thru all the blogs except 2.  I have dial-up and they are slow loading to me, and I haven't time this morning.  I will visit them this evening.
Had a very eventful break Tuesday-Thursday.  One of those days I went to my work place HR to arrange to leave there at the end of September.  That is a momentous thing in my life.  But hopefully well thought out.  I have other places to go that won't be so hard on me physically (12 hr. shift rotation) and I think it's time to be kinder to me.
It is 0402.  I have been up an hour..had breakfast, read the blogs and my email..and I know this is extraordinarily boring.  Just saying hello.  I'll have more time Sunday night when I get home from work.
Please enjoy your weekend and take good care of yourselves.

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