Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Ugh! 4/06

Well, if I am up at 0345..that means it's day shifts.
I've choked down my breakfast. (good too, eggs, toast and coffee) and about to go put something on and do my makeup.  This and two more day shifts and if I am a very good girl, I get to do night shifts for three more.
Hey...all the carping I do about my 12 hr. shift rotation let me tell you, I am truly grateful for a job.  Too bad we don't have an "Opticon" for our lives, isn't it?  GRIN.  You remember hearing in the news about the guy who bought the Opticon, which controls street red lights (traffic signals) for emergency vehicles,on eBay?  And he used it to turn lights green on his way to work.
Well, some of us would like to have such a device to turn all of our life's "red lights" green for us, wouldn't we?  That way, we wouldn't have to cope with people we don't like...zap..push a button and they disappear!  Zap...there goes that assignment we didn't want to do.  Housework?  Zap!!! Disagreeable people...yer outta here!  Zap. But then, we'd never learn some important lessons.  It would be chaotic if a lot of us had my pretend life- Opticons.  Think of it.  Every one would have Life's green light. Um...I  don't think that would work.
I would like to keep this up but have to splash and dash.

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