Saturday, July 24, 2010

Grrr...well sorta 8-06

I  have no idea what I'm doing but I added a sort-of profile.  I was trying to do the Friends thing but messed up.  Let's see.  What's my excuse?  I just got up?  That's true so I think I will use that!
This is night three of the four midnight shifts.  Get through this one and one more and I'll get to be off for three days.  Then the yucky one starts.  The dreaded 6 day thing as I call it.  The three day shifts seperated by a 24 hr. break and the three midnight shifts.
Believe it or not, the cat behaved today, as she did yesterday (wasn;t her fault the storm frightened her). I slept on and hydraulic pressure woke me.  She was sleeping beside me quietly.  I think she read the blog and knew what was coming if she acted up the way she had been doing for some inexplicable reason the past several weeks.
Rats, I have to run to the store and buy some milk before I go into work. That means I have to schlepp the milk all the way to my building and store it in the fridge there and  then schlepp it all the way back up to my car when I get off in the morning.  But if I want my little bowl of cereal tomorrow night, I had better do just that.  A deviation in getting to work.  Don't know about you all, but MY car knows it's way to work and home.  All I do is sit there and it takes me home whether I intended that or not.  There have been a few times when we all would plan to go out and eat breakfast at Shon*ys after the last midnight only for me to find myself in the drive way!!  At HOME. One of those " Ooops" moments. 
May as well get in there and start washing my face etc.  You all have a great evening.  I will  too.  The place isn't nearly as busy on a midnight shift so we tend to like them for that reason. 

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