Sunday, July 25, 2010

Another Door Gently Closes 9/06

Tonight when I go in will be my last night as a "guest" on DD shift's midnights. That also will mark the last midnight shift I will ever work.  'Cause I sure ain't taking a job where I will start THAT up again. 
They gave me a party as it were last night.  Huge sheet cake with lots of roses and my name on it.  Can you believe it?  We did some serious damage on it.  Can't be more than like a meatloaf pan size hunk left!!! I have a goodly size chunk in the freezer for my sons when they come home for the "Great Unveiling"  and I promised a guy from my former shift, CC, a piece of cake it too is in the freezer, next time he comes to do some work on the house.  There were mixed nuts, potato chips..all kinds of stuff and I so appreciated the honor. And I ate as though I didn't know what a diet is.  But I excused myself as heck, it's in my "honor" so I will show some gratitude and eat.  !!
It is absolutely a hallmark day out there just as it was yesterday when I woke.  They said it would get to 45 last night.  Made it to 58.  Said the same for tonight and I am sure it won;t get that cold.  Good thing too what with natural gas prices being so high.  I hate to fire up the heating system.
Cindy provided me with a link to an eBay seller regarding my silverplate that I am fascinated with.  I would love to have a service for 4, all in that pattern.  But I can see the first thing I need is a name for my pattern and dang it..I STILL can't get my picture up on this blog!  GRRR!
Beth, if you are reading this, I ask that you try to find time to look for the Caregiver group.  We ache for you and want to help.
To all of you..I hope to "see" you tomorrow.  How about some hot chocolate this time? Patty? You up for that?  Your turn.  I did the last time.  Marilyn, if you don't get out of the water you'll shrivel! Vivian, get mom off the computer!!  Terri, git crackin'!! To the rest of my best mom's voice.." I SAW that!!!" (you fit in the event). 
Seriously..see you tomorrow..lotsa love to you all.

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