Sunday, July 25, 2010

Things to Remember 9/06

One thing I must remember.  And I DID remember today, but it like to have killed me.  That is:  "Even if it's pretty, that doesn't mean you have to buy it."  There I was in the store, ladies clothing section (I must go there (ladies clothes) when I am in the area...I can't help it.  It's like an affliction). But I digressed.  There I was, standing in front of several racks of really pretty, feminine and pretty colors blouses.  I do believe I have a top fetish or something.  I come to a standstill anywhere and anytime I see them and I just MUST at least comtemplate buying one IF I love it's style. Too many times I have found one whose style just grabs me by the wallet and says " Buuuuuy meeeee.  Buyyyyyy meeeee." I have at least 30-40 least!  Likely more.  Nice ones that I can wear to work.  I have multiple T shirts.  I think I buy those suckers when I think I need a lift or something as they don't cost much.  But, there I was.  Today's offerings were dusky pink, pale yellow (crazy about yellow I am!!) and a light beige and all with tiny wee little flowers and a zillion buttons that went into loop closures..  What's a woman to do?  Why, try 'em on of course!!!
I liked them but regretfully put them back.  The last thing I need are more tops.  I picked up some skirts and almost bought one but put them back.  I got away before I could get to the undies.  It would have been all over but the shouting if I hadn't gotten away!
Don't get me started about shoes.  Good thing is, I gave away a lot of them.  I probably only have about 20 pair now.  All styles.  Boots, sneakers, dress, casual.
I go thru the closets (yes, I did say closetS) and take out a lot of the various articles and give them away.  I do that every year. 
I'm a make-up junk*e to a smaller degree.  No way I will run out of a favorite color of whatever!  I have several spares.  Put a little of that down to the shift rotation and long hours.  Like..who has time to go running to the drugstore for eye shadow with hours like those?  And who remembers to write it down on the list before work?  Not me.  I have other things to do and on my mind, hence, I buy in quantity. Gray eyeshadow anyone?  Several shades of brown too.  Come one, come all.  Git 'cher make-up here.
Have to learn how to make a  blog list.  I like what Marilyn did on her blog.  Maybe I can tell stuff that might make it easier to understand why I buy so many tops and shoes!! 
I have been around to see everyone but 2.  I'm headed your way and break out the doughnuts, will you?

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