Saturday, July 10, 2010

Early, as in o'dark 5/06

I won't be up this early tomorrow nor will I have finished my eggs, toast and coffee by 0350.  I will, I hope, be asleep.  This is the last day shift.
Have to hit the floor in the morning though and get the house cleaned up before the pest control man gets here, get the groceries shopped for and a bit of pre-cooking done as my middle son and my grandson are coming for the weekend.  I know my grandson will want me to make a meatloaf.  I wrote about that one time.  I can make a pound and a half meatloaf and it will be literally be half to more than half done by bedtime (his) and then, there is round two..he'll have some as a snack before bed ( he's thin as a rail) and by noon the next day, the dish will be scraped clean.  Makes me feel appreciated!  :)
I was so extremely sleepy yesterday (12 hr shifts are long when you feel sleepy) that I cought myself drifting at work.  And believe me..with phones jangling constantly, radio traffic, people constantly in and out..that ain't easy to drift away.  I found myself standing a lot!!  (cat's been meowing for whatever reason during the night and waking me.  When that hasn't worked well enough to suit her, she hops up again and gets in my hair.  Now THAT'S annoying!!)
So far the dieting (this will be day 3) is going OK.  I did crumble last night when I got home and had a sandwich (diet bread) with real preserves (not my usual sugarless) and a generous coating of peanut butter...crunchy of course.
Rats.  It's already 0415.  Where's the day going?? I'm sitting here in my nightie, nothing done, and typing away.
Guys and Ladies..have a safe day!!

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