Monday, July 19, 2010

Sitting Pretty '06

I have a lovely oak chest at the foot of my bed now.  It was stained dark and the maker also made a tray to fit inside at the top.  Perfect for what I have put into it already.  I have my wooden cabinet in the other bedroom emptied pretty much now.  Just important papers and etc in it.  Before I was over filled with what is now in the oaken chest.
I was waiting for him to get here with it (the person who made it) after I got my eyes examined etc.  Man, I work for a large corporation and we have good insurance but something happened between the last eye exam and this one, about coverage.  It cost me $299.20 cents of my own money this time.  I get extras, but then I always have.  Anti reflective coating, lighter weight plastic lenses, rolling the edges so they'll fit in the thin frames..etc etc.  So, I could have backed off on certain things but I chose to just pay it.  I forgot, in that $299.20  is  also the cost of attachable sunglasses. Even so, I'd paid for those too all the other times and it's up about $80.00 higher than last time.  Whew! 
Wonder what the price of gas is where you are?  It is just over $3.00 here for medium grade and barely under  that for regular.  I am also amazed and not too happy with the prices for natural gas too.  Heating season will be upon us in the not too far off months.  I have the level payment plan..something taken out of my bank account every month, use it or not.  And they are up to $94.00 a month  taken out for me and my use.  This amount has risen dramatically from the year previous. May as well say $1200.00 a year and it will all go to the use of gas thru the cold season.
I've been around to see most everyone.  Hope it has been a good day for you.  Here's something to play with:

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