Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I think that was me in Reader's Digest 4/06

I just pulled out a T shirt to wear tonight.  It's midnight shifts, no one is there but us chickens, so I can be that casual.
The T shirt is one from Charlotte NC and it's pretty.  Has a picture of Charlotte's impressive downtown stylized on it, surrounded by a green wreath and says in big letters, "Charlotte".
I pulled it out of a pile of T shirts and held it up..and remembered one day at work when I was wearing it and had a sweater on atop the T shirt.  Where the edges of the sweater lay, both right and left edges I might add for clarity for this next sentence, only part of the word Charlotte showed up.  I didn't know that.  I mean, who pays attention to that??  I wish I had that day as my boss came up to me and said " What in the world  do you have on that T shirt??" and he parted the edges of the cardigan I was wearing on top of the T shirt.  He read the word Charlotte but invited me to see what was showing!!!  He was rolling on the floor as was everyone else in there because what showed was the word "harlot"!!!! No WONDER he wanted to know what I was wearing!!!  And I'm telling you, it wasn't a month later when a co-worker brought me a Reader's Digest opened to Life in These United States" or whatever its called, and there a guy that had told about a woman wearing a T shirt  with a sweater he had seen in Atlanta Airport that said 'Harlot' on it!  Having been there not a few times, I feel that was me he was speaking of.  Could be coincidence but likely it was me.
Not the way you want your 15 minutes ( seconds??) of fame. 
I am wearing it now..but no sweater!!!

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