Friday, June 7, 2013

Worst Luck

I have had the worst luck trying to find decent strawberries.  I stopped and bought some from a vendor parked in a parking lot.  I asked her where they were picked and she said SC.  She told me I could try one so I tossed my gum and ate one.  I said that they weren't very sweet.  She said that was because I had had gum in my mouth.  I was foolish enough to believe her and bought a 5 dollar basket.  I brought them home and they still tasted not too good.  I wound up dumping them after a few days. I can't wait to get myself to the farmers market this weekend.  Maybe I will have better luck.  And no, I didn't consider trying to make anything from the strawberries as I don't have the experience and truly I haven't the inclination.  But I learned a the taste buds.

I also can't wait till it's time for tomatoes.  I can't grow them myself for the reasons I already mentioned, so I must depend on others.  There is nothing like  a "real" tomato.  I am sad that I can't continue to grow my own as I had many to eat anytime I wanted to.  I would fry an egg, and have an egg sandwich with a thick slice of tomato on it and a thin smear of mayo. Salt and pepper, heavy on the pepper.  To me, this is the lunch (or even breakfast) of the nature gods.

That above in the header is a wild columbine that I took a picture of this Spring.  I hope you enjoy it,  It's maybe 2 inches long--- so this is a close up.

My son and daughter-in-law are back from their honeymoon as of yesterday.  When they got to Charlotte NC Douglas Airport, Air Force One was there and so they airport was locked down and they could not make their connecting flight on time to here.  But they finally made it and I imagine after a two week honeymoon they may actually be glad to be home.

I have been making my rounds better!  See you over at your place.


  1. Carole - that flower is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. You are amazing with your photography. My mouth is drooling here thinking of fresh strawberries - dang - ours won't be ready for a good month yet.

  2. Are there any strawberry picking farms in your area? Your mentioning the strawberries made me (the Mom) remember that later in june is good for doing that around here, but we usually miss it. But they are yummy! If we pick a lot, we wash and hull some and freeze them on cookie sheets, and pop them whole in bags in the freezer. Then later they can be pulled out and had with ice cream. I agree - the ones we saw at the grocery store were not appealing even to look at so I would guess they didn't taste good.

  3. The columbine is so beautiful. It is one of my favorite flowers and I always had some in my flower beds at home.
    I looked for strawberries in Kroger yesterday and there were none to be had so I bought fresh peaches instead. They were small but actually tasted good.

  4. It appears that we have missed the rainfall that was predicted for Thursday and today!

    I am not sure about the status of local berries. The season has been off the regular pace because of our cooler and later spring. It has been a number of years since I enjoyed REALLY GOOD strawberries! I wonder if you will find berries there tomorrow.

    Happy to hear the newly-marrieds are back home safely. Now it is back to the real world.

    We haven't been as pleased with our tomatoes in recent years, either. My husband thinks it is because of the dwindling bee population.

    Take care, and enjoy your week-end! Let me know if you find some good berries.

    Oh - love the columbine picture!

  5. Wow, that columbine photo is just gorgeous, Carole!

    You're right, there is nothing like good produce. But there is a lot of not-so-good produce around, isn't there? I hope you have good luck at the farmers' market this weekend.

    Glad your son and new daughter-in-law finally made it home. Please tell them again that we send our congratulations and wishes for a long and happy marriage.

    Hugs to you and Katie!

  6. Kind of likes the bitter tang of strawberries. Will launch a tomato at ya when they are ready, have big catapult.

  7. Oh there's nothing like homegrown tomatoes. My dad used to grow them and they made the best tomato sauce.

    That's a great picture Carole! I recently tried the same thing on a few flowers but they didn't come out that good!