Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Waiting for Maintainence Tuesday

Oh how I hate those words "Sometime before Noon" --or-- "Sometime AFTER Noon".  So I am waiting on the heat and air people who installed the new heat and air unit to come and wave a magic wand over it to make sure it is functioning for the winter.  This time it's worth it to me as I wonder if the heat is as hot as it could be.  I have natural gas furnace so it warms up quickly but while I have the day time thermostat setting at 69 it feels cooler.  Katie crams herself up against a vent the minute she hears the click outside that warm air will soon be forthcoming.  When I had the 14 year old unit that this replaced, I kept the thermostat set at 67 and it was warmer than this.  It is likely the difference in units and I will have to adjust up accordingly. I had it on 74 for the summer and it was just a tad too warm then as well.  Had to knock it down a degree to 73.  Odd.  I had a cold little Tuxie cat glued to me again last night trying to keep warm.  She has been there since it turned cold.

I can't go work out until the guys get here either.  :-(

I don't know what is going to happen with our University football team but for 6 years!!! our high standing in the SEC has been gone with nightmarish regularity and finality.  Oh it is painful to even read the paper after a game never mind watch it.  How we have fallen.  We haven't won an SEC game in those years hardly.  Not the last several for sure.

Here is another non flower picture.  It was taken last Monday.  I am a flower fan and love to do those almost exclusively.  I try to get out of that mindset sometimes.


  1. Love that shot, Carole.

    Good luck re: the maintenance. Yeah, they tell you sometime between 8AM and 5PM sometimes (thinking the cable guys). As if people don't have anything else to do, like work? Sheesh.

    My annual furnace check/maintenance is at the end of January, and I'm on a monthly payment plan for it, includes all parts and labour through the year if necessary. I've needed that a few times, actually. One winter, when it was bitterly cold (and you know "bitterly" means something here--lol), the entire motherboard quit. I spent 3 days waiting for the replacement, huddled downstairs with various space heaters going. It was about -20 or -30C out at that time, the coldest spell...of course. Fingers crossed that doesn't happen again. LOL.

  2. ha ha - Our said he'll be here today between 12:30 and 2:30. Okay - I planned on being home all day today anyway, but usually when it happens, I'm not. I hate having to wait around. Another gorgeous picture girlfriend. Super job.

  3. That really is annoying with the vague appointment times especially when it has to do with what is heating or cooling your house. We have yet another gloomy day at 43 degrees but at least it's not yet raining I guess. Love the picture there..wide open and glorious!

  4. I hate waiting for anyone coming to repair anything. Comcast was the worst for this.

    I keep my thermostat set on 72 daytime and 68 at night. This place is much colder than my old home.


  5. While we are having a "warm spell," it is good to get those things checked out! On the matter of football, it may have been a huge mistake to begin that coach-replacement journey four or so years ago! Fans tend to become SO impatient! Not a good thing.

    I hope you are now able to go about your routine and are having a good day.

  6. For some reason they can't or won't realize you have a life and are busy too. Set a time and be there. I must say Charter told me a 2 hr time table and said the man would call when on his way, and did, would you believe. Ours is set a 72 all year round (Sheepish look--unless I'm freezing and Jack's not here, but I turn it back after the chill is gone.)

  7. Stunning photo, Carole!!

    Yes we have the exact same thing with workmen!! Some actually do ring when they are 10 mins away to give us a chance to get looking half way decent ;) But usually they ring because the satnav has sent them to another town!! MOL

  8. Hi Carole, with your furnace/air it is more than likely the thermostat that is the problem and where it is located in the house. Also do you have a humidifier on the furnace? If you have a forced air furnace it is important that you have a humidifier as moist air holds the temperature and it feels warmer. Hope that helps.