Wednesday, October 24, 2012

What a Beautiful Day (and I am grateful for it)

I may get my act together and go out with the camera before much longer.  It's already late at 0922.  The sun gets stronger and more harsh in light with each passing minute.  I used to go out years ago 1130 or thereabouts and I finally caught on to the fact that high noon (and the few hours before and after that) are the harshest light you can find.  I don't have enough hands on my body to hold a diffuser and I'm not always lucky enough to find shade nor is it always a cloudy day so I try to choose times better than I did back in the day.  I know what the golden hour (so-called) is but I am not willing to get up that early to travel to a place to wait..nor do I like particularly staying in the evening until it strikes.  But it is easier to be there in the evening, and I have done that.

I noticed while sweeping tons of oak leaves off of my deck (they're back again) that raccoons have been up there again.  They have a distance to climb to get onto it so they are determined.  There is no hummingbird feeder to upset off its hanger and break and drink from now nor are there tomato plants out there; so maybe after tossing around the pots and other things of that nature they will give it a pass.  Otherwise I will have to pay the bucks to get the trapper back to re-locate them all over again.

They turned over the bird bath on the front yard too I might add.  Probably thought it was a feeder.  Today it's still standing.

The oldest son is coming over tonight as he has an appointment early in the morning here in this town so Katie gets extra scratches and petting this evening and tomorrow before he heads back to his home.

Another son will likely be getting married this late Spring.  I really love his choice of wife-to-be.

Here is a culprit from a few months ago that got Katie Isabella's feathery looking pantaloons in a wad in the middle of the night when he was on the deck with his rowdy companions ripping up plants and having a party.

Oh and yesterday I bought a half a gallon of chocolate milk.  YEARS since I have had any and I am steadily making my way down to the bottom of the jug.  Delicious treat.


  1. Those guys are such pests and can be dangerous too. I've been told they will attack, so I hope the fact that there is nothing for them that they scoot and stay gone.

  2. There was a coupon for Mayfield's chocolate milk in the paper over the week-end. I don't dare bring it in the house!

    Racoons found our corn this summer, but it was toward the end of the time for us to harvest any.

    Enjoy your company!

  3. I've had the "luxury" of clouds each and every day for some time now. I like to go out on the spur of the moment and let the light do what it's going to do...yes, it's a mixed bag but I never know what I'm going to get! LOL! I hope you have a great visit with your son. So glad to hear of the marriage coming up and that you're blessed with that! That's a huge blessing! That's quite the bandit you got there! I've heard they are pretty destructive...does this mean you're now pest free?

  4. This trapped racoon brings back memories of my hubby trapping them. Of course he caught other animals too.

  5. OMG! Haven't had chocolate milk in a longggggg time ;) *yum*

    Yes, getting the right light ALWAYS! a challenge.I enjoy doing the Blue Hour, but I'm really lazy about lugging the tripod thing :\ (Especially in the Winter!!) although when I do, it usually is worth the effort :))

    It's ALWAYS a Good Thing when you like your Daughter-in-Law ;))

    And what Lovely ♥ Feathery looking Pantaloons Miss Katie Bella haz ^.,^ ♥♥ L xooxoxo ^..^

    Hugz & Kittie Kissez ~ ^..^ x6 +1 ♥♥xoxo♥♥

  6. I hope you are able to get some great picture! xx

  7. Those raccoons sure are cute-looking, but they are rascally, for sure.

    Chocolate milk ... YUM! It's been years since I had a glass. Maybe sometime soon. :)

  8. I hope the raccoons leave you be this Fall! And hurray for chocolate milk... I'm a Nestles Quik fan.

  9. I know all to well about trying to get out early in the morning for photos. I am not a morning person so miss sooo much in catching the right light. I have such admiration for those people who get up before the crack of dawn for the sunrises or special photos. I have managed a couple good sunrise at the Salton Sea. Thinking about that place already. It has been snowing for 2 days so fine it doesn't really stick so today even with a wet garden I spent a couple hours trying to get things ready for winter. Where are those beautiful sunshine days I usually get that kind of work done in. Also trying to get all the leafs racked before it gets covered in snow. I so hope we done't get such big dumps like last November. I did just order a new snow plow, maybe that will make life easier if it works on our driveway. I bet that chocolate milk might be good in coffee. Make a nice mocha coffee without all the sugar. Oh don't need my coffees tasting any better, really trying to cut down. Well hoping the racoons don't come back. thank goodness we don't have them here. One showed up once in 20 years, but had a dog at the time which made his experience here an unpleasant one. Oh you caught me at a time my fingers are doing a lot of talking. Have a wonderful week and hope you get out for some fall, blue skied photos.
    Hugs Carrie

  10. Our congratulations regarding your son's engagement! Happy days!

  11. Dear Sis!
    It was good looking you son's will married in spring.
    Katie's having of a party and his go back to his home.
    I hope you are enjoying wish your camera everyday when the cloudy time.
    Your enjoyed looking with your deck for raccons again and the bird bath was front your home.
    still look for you Katie...Love very much too.
    Sis,Katie,Miyki and Victoria.
    Love you so much!

  12. The other morning at 4: a.m. as I was leaving to go to my daughters there were 2 huge coons under our bird feeder. I was hesitant about going out but as soon as I opened the door they skittered off. They are pesky things that's for sure. Congrats to your son and his up-coming wedding. If you like her she must be pretty special! Have a great day gf and go out and find the perfect shot!