Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moving On... :-)

Well, I think I possibly may caused a few raised eyebrows...maybe...possibly with my blog regarding clothing choices.  But whether we humans say anything or NOT, we are generally thinking every moment we are conscious and so I shared what I was thinking for a few moments yesterday.  LOVED Caro's twinset, paisley skirt, pearls and sensible shoes.  Now THAT'S the way to dress.  :-)   Or your favorite jeans and whatever serves as a top...hopefully underclothes will also be in place..just sayin'.  Um, Karen, Bermuda shorts and black socks (up to your knees?)  with sandals..not in this world.  Nik and naughty Rocky would laugh you out of house and home.  That was fun for me to write and I like to stretch out occasionally and say something different.

I am going to get my hair styled and trimmed tomorrow and I may be able to come up with something to wear under that beautiful ethereal capelet I showed you a few blogs ago.  If so, I will have my iMac take a picture and feature it.  If nothing else I will send it to the dear friend who made it for me.

Miss Katie is up in her tree behind me at the window. (I see her reflection in the screen of the computer.  She is on patrol and defending us from intruders and other unsavory entities such as vishus deer.  I shall have to reward her.  Now where did I put the treats?


  1. If you go sans bra, don't show us. LOL. Well, maybe some of your readers will want to see a pic. Ha. Couldn't resist.

    Yes, I have a dialogue in my head all the time about what others wear, etc., which is why I try to catch myself and remind myself that I'm being judgmental and that the problem is mine. Even if I do think someone would look a heck of a lot better in something else. :-p

    BTW, I automatically do the same thing with hair, think oh, she'd look so much better with a short bob, or s/he would look better with a more natural hair colour, etc. I always find it rather sad to see older women (and sometimes men) trying to look like they're 25 or 30, instead of their 50+. Because I've seen a lot of AWESOME-looking mature women, who dress appropriately and who have hair that flatters. So it's possible for us all, if we want.

    But you're right, it's human nature to make those automatic, snap judgments. Of course, in the end, it doesn't matter. In the end, not much does. :-)

  2. Well shoot. I just bought some Lands' End corduroy leggings (in eggplant) to wear with my snazzy new black tunic top...

    I say dress for your figure! Within reason. I loved the comments you got on yesterday's post.

    Scott, now that he's lost 100+ pounds says he has a hard time empathizing with overweight people. We are all prone to judgement.

  3. Speaking of clothes, I (the Mom) have been recording and watching some of the Katie shows with Katie Couric. I think maybe they have some requirement for the audience to wear strong solid colors and it looks so good on tv. Rather than many different bland patterns or white etc. Made me think about what you said about the clothes for the "oleo" woman with big flowers etc on them.

  4. "oleo"? Spell correct did something with what I meant to be "older"

  5. Daisy's "mom" here. I have a job where I can dress in casual clothes, so I usually wear a pair of jeans. Since I'm getting older, I don't feel comfortable unless my arms are covered, so I wear a long-sleeved v-neck tee-shirt in a pretty color. My favorite part? My Frye engineer boots add a little bit of style.

  6. ha ha - I am one of those older, overweight women who couldn't even dress in the youthful styles when I was youthful, I'm most comfortable in Jeans and a sweatshirt - but who in their right mind wears a sweatshirt anymore! I heard that went out about 5 years ago. well - I still wear them as I don't like wearing sweaters. I think sweaters look great on other people, I just don't like the cling of a sweater. Wear what's comfortable, just don't try to look like something you are not.

  7. I agree with Mary, jeans and a sweatshirt in the winter and shorts and a t in the summer. I am not overweight; I wear the sweatshirts to stay warm as I am so cold most of the time (meds I think) xoxox

  8. Oh I look forward to seeing your photo in the capelet! Your friend will be very happy to see, too!
    Sounds like Katie san is working hard as watch kitty :-) Maybe it's time to come down the tree and have some snuggling time!

  9. I don't wear jeans anymore, haven't for years. At home, I wear house dresses. Shopping, I have on scrubs and pants, most comfy to me.
    I'm looking forward to seeing how the pretty capelet looks on.
    Miss Katie will help take the photo, no doubt.

  10. I have a new pair or a few of Jeans with a beautiful floral, very demure colors with many sweaters , teas , and under things I was going to mention to mach. I found a new store online and then found it in the City. They know me well there.
    Add tall boots, hair up.. a beautiful perfume..and your set.
    Love and Hugs to you and your little girl.
    I always need to stop here or flickr to see what your up to .

  11. Clothes, like the sign in the camp says, optional. Now what, I misplaced my optional.

  12. You mean mini shorts and tanks aren't good for me, LOL? Oh I just shudder to think of it.

  13. I have evolved into a jeans and cardy woman! If not jeans then slacks of some kind! I have never really been a dressy kind of gal. But I used to scrub up quite well lol Looking forward to the capelet thingy :) xx