Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Birds, Knees and Stuff

My hummingbirds are drinking all of the nectar each 36 hours or so.  Families out there.  I love cooking more for them and keep refilling as often as they need it.  One girl looked like she was not well yesterday.  I really was sad if that was what it was.

She was sitting on the twigs I have there for them to rest on.  Her tail stayed fanned out.  Then, she let her head flop back a lot...after a minute she turned it sideways but it was still back.  That's not normal.  Finally she flew a short distance away.  Saw her last night.  Same fanned tail and "lazy"

My knee woke up yesterday hurting, swollen and stiffened.  NO idea what happened.  I was on the treadmill an hour but that should not have done it.  I was fine all day and went to bed OK.  Hoped for better when I went to bed last night.  It's still sore and swollen and stiff but not quite as painful.  No walking etc. for me, that's certain.

Yesterday since I couldn't do my usual,  I cleaned the fridge. And for the first time in my life I turned everything facing me...products with labels I meant.  I must have done a good job last time as nothing really needed cleaning and I only had to throw away 1 thing!  It's been months.

I still wonder how in the world I can put cans in the cupboards and the labels are always faced away from me.  You would think the law of averages would kick in and have me with SOME facing me!  I don't like turning them deliberately as I did with the fridge yesterday. But, I admit that it looks better and helped me choose things I needed.

goldfinch when I was still feeding them. 
Well.  Off to the store...all limpy and stuffs!


  1. Aging gracefully...phooey! I no longer pop out of my car; I open the door, put both feet on the ground, then haul myself out. Then I go around to the other side, and grab my purse, lunch, tea, etc. It may take longer, but it's better on my back...

  2. Your knee reminds me of a Pinterest quote that came up in my feed a while ago, something to the effect that being adult means being exhausted all the time and wondering how you hurt your back. Ha. (Or knee, or whatever!) That about sums it up, really. :-)

    Hopefully your hummingbird will be okay!

  3. Knees are evil necessities! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. We love the hummers here, too. We hope that female one will be okay.

    Sorry to hear about your knee, CArole. Sending healing purrs and prayers!

  5. Oh the girl birdie is OK!
    I hope your knee will get better soon. I sometimes have bruises which I have no idea when or how I got! The goldfinch is adorable :-)

  6. That is sad about the hummingbird. We have had a lot of them too. A Turmeric supplement will help with inflammation. XO

  7. We are kindred of my most favorite activities is hummingbird watching and maintenance. I hope and tweet little miss hummer is okay. Never seen that behavior either. This has been a stellar h.b. year for me. I spotted my first on on March 31...totally by chance I hung my feeder that morning lo and behold I saw my first hummer. So next week I have been on
    H.B. duty 5 months....I have not enjoyed the hot summer but I have enjoyed the H.B.

    As for the knee I have a tricky left knee. I have been babying it since last fall. I made an awkward sideways step
    and a nano second later I knew it. It doesn't hurt to walk still the sudden sideways motion like in bed or turning a corner. I wear a knee brace on it when walking.
    Good luck and I hope today is better
    Hugs Cecilia

  8. Dearest Carole,
    Seeing a tiny hummingbird girl feeling weak is hard to watch. They're so frail.
    Hoping that your knee is behaving better today!
    I've had bruises on my legs or arms, even wrist and not knowing what happened. Guess one of our kitties jumped on the bed and on top of me... The pressure point becomes rather forceful when jumping up.
    But we're still there; could be a lot worse. Got over my cold and hope to soon catch up on cleaning and laundry!

  9. I love my hummers and sorry to read that one of yours is having Lazy Head. I read about that once, but don't recall where.

    BTW, you mentioned somewhere about cooking the nectar. I used to to that but learned from an expert that all you need is warm water.

    1. actually it is to help retard spoilage when it's out in the heat. Their serving stays decent a little longer than just plain water and sugar with no bringing to a boil.

  10. I hope both you and the little bird improve. Could you have twisted your leg without realising it?