Wednesday, October 1, 2014

OFF to See My Rednecks

Ladies and Germs, I am headed off to the Redneck Room.  (That is just an affectionate term that another blogger named the room where we colleagues meet and talk so loudly) There is no such thing  as a place in a restaurant called  a Redneck Room. It is just what my blogger Pal, whom I miss very much, called it in a comment he made way back when.  He said "I'll go get the Redneck Room ready" after I had written a blog describing how loud and happy we get, and how we run others out of the room who dare encroach to sit and eat their meals.  They apparently can't abide our noise and constant laughter.  His comment tickled me then-- and it still does to this minute.

I wish he would stop by again after all this time and see how enduring that one comment he made still is.  LOL.

At the Redneck Room, we will have a very early lunch.  Our bellies are still set to 1100 hrs. as that is about the time we ate (or still do, for those who are working) our lunch. When you start your working day way before 0500, you are really ravenous by 1030 which is when we usually tore into our lunches. If it was midnights instead of yucky days, then we ate about the same time at NIGHT--- 2230 (or 10:30 PM. )

We are L-O-U-D because it is a habit ingrained because many times, noise was such that you kept your radio almost wide open in order to hear crucial things.  You could use an ear type receiver but it got in the way.  And we are loud because we are happy to be together, working or not.  It is a close knit family as no one does what we do.  So we can trade experience and other related things that are ours alone.

So, I'm off to be loud...look as pretty as I can as there are few women other than me.  (not a job for most ladies, very demanding in several ways).

Anyhow, I had a fabulous birthday (September 25th).  My family showed up on Friday, two days later by choice as I had school Thursday the 25th till 2100.  What a GREAT evening.  I'm not allowed to say yet, as it is early on in my grandchild's development, but I got to know the sex of the baby, and what a celebration!  I was squired out to a more upper end restaurant for my supper and ice-cream later with lots of laughing.  Almost like the redneck room atmosphere.  I have a Pandora bracelet  with, what else, a kitty charm to start.  I have an Apple brand (I'm a MAC person) new WIFI unit.  My guy was at least 9 years old. And, I have a new purse, Hello Kitty!  I LOVE it.  It is not girly as there is a black background with small Hello Kitty faces on it.  Generous size.  It's going to the RedNeck Room today.  And a card to being tears to my eyes it was so loving.

Seer you over there..let's eat!


  1. I see I've missed at lot! Belated happy birthday, and congrats all round on the grandchild-to-be!

  2. Enjoy it all Carole, I know you will!

  3. Bein loud, proud, and happy with friends. Just doesn't get any better than that.

  4. It sounds like you are in for a good time today, just continuing the good times that you had with that birthday celebration. Sending you belated birthday wishes! xo

  5. Happy Happy Birthday- Love your gifts...and love that you know the sex of the new baby!
    Our family could use a redneck room, too. lol xo Diana

  6. I'm so happy for you for the new baby! How exciting you know the sex of the baby!
    Hello Kitty purse sounds very cute :-) I hope you had great time in the Redneck room!

  7. made em smile! <3
    @NanaDiana I wrote to you using my kitty's blog name, Katie Isabella several days ago but that was me.
    @Nellie It was a blast!
    @Terry, you'd a LOVED it!

  8. Happy Birthday to you Sis! My most tresured possesion is My MEMORIES MY GOOD MEMORIES ALWAYS STAY WITH YOUR'S.
    I think about what are lively at the red neck room it must be a long time with yours friends.
    Sis,katie,Miyoki and Victoria,

  9. Rosemary B here:
    I got this in my email this morning. Google must send it to me late....
    I really enjoyed this post. I hope your day was wonderful yesterday. Was it drabby outside? here it was drabby all day. I did not go to a redneck room.
    I used to be loud and wild but this year has exhausted me.... so now I am quiet and sedate hahahahahaha ha
    I do not think I wrote happy birthday on your FB page. I am not always on the Bookface. just do not have time for every thing anymore. Now I have to just do what I remember I needed to do. I did get a lot of sewing done.
    I know your birthday was wonderful with your boys and you are so lucky that they spoiled you with Mac stuff, and Hello Kitty stuff. I have a great affinity for both of those highly regarded items.
    I am excited about your baby on the way. I know it will be so fun to have your very own grand baby. I want one too. I am waiting quietly.
    I hope your day today is just as wonderful as yesterday .
    Love always, Rosemary

  10. So glad you are having some fun with your friends..we all needs to let loose and let it GO once in awhile. So happy your birthday was a good one too. Spending time with family is the best. Happy weekend to you! :-)

  11. I'm so happy you had a great birthday and also found out it it will be a girl or boy! Woohoo - you will be a great grandma too, I just know it. Your gathering in the Redneck Room sounds like fun. It's always fun to get together with working friends - afterall, one spend at least 8 hours a day with work friends, so close bonds are formed.

  12. Hey, some of my best friends are rednecks. Traditionally, they are blue collar workers, laborers, often in the hot sun. My Grampy was one for forty five+ years. Bill is one. I respect rednecks. They are the backbone of our country. And they "get it"...and they are fun, too. ~xoxo~

  13. Sounds like a fine time with good friends! No harm in getting loud and laugh with your "family". Also, your birthday sounds like it was terrific, and it came with a wonderful gift: new life!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday Carole. I'm sorry I missed it. What fun you had!

  15. We sure hope you had a great time in the Redneck Room! So glad you had such a terrific birthday. What a blessed gift to learn that you're going to have a grandchild. And a Hello Kitty bag ... icing on the cake! :)

  16. I know that you had a wonderful time with your friends!