Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Case You Ever Wondered

When I write a blog, I do it with humor as I am usually in a great humor and besides, I love to laugh.  My high flown grammar in the past blog that I just did a few days ago is an example.  Believe me, I don't speak that way...it is only for a fun and a smile and making a joke on myself at my own expense usually.

This has begun the third week running now with rain or heavy overcast or both... no glimpse of the sun, not in three weeks.  The weather cast said this morning the same depressing thing.  Rain and or overcast all week and into next week which will then start a fourth week.  It can gitcha down. Here it is  always gloomy--- with a five year pattern of nine days of gloom and two days  of sun or partial sun and then starting all over again with the seven to nine days of rain and/or overcast.  Un-endingly until this late Spring where there was sun every day for months.  It started a drought which wasn't that bad but there were forest fires all around.  Those were set by teenagers.  However the foliage was dry that is certain.

This pattern goes on all twelve months of the year.  No letting up.  That strange weather high we had for several months was just that, a strange but fabulous happening. Sun every day!!!  For weeks on end!  Oh well.  Could be worse and often is.  Ice, snow, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.

See ya later Gators,
This street inSan Francisco is unbelievable,  How can you drive up or down it?  It's an old old picture.


  1. Unreal!!!! Why don't the parked cars fall off? That hill looks like it goes straight up. That's an amazing picture.

  2. I enjoy your writing style (and Katie's too)! You never fail to make me smile and I can 'hear' you saying the words too!

    We have rainy winters here in the PNW and usually they're not so bad because everything is so green - I couldn't handle it if it was brown like Kansas and Colorado winters. This year we're getting snow though and that I don't like at all! Blech!

    San Francisco streets can be very steep but I guess it helps make the residents very fit!

  3. I enjoy your posts very much! Weather is certainly something that can affect one's mood. I live where it is often sunny but very cold in the winter (like last week). We don't get a huge amount of rain. But I seriously want to live in a more temperate climate where I know there will be lots of rain. I'm okay with that...no shovelling!

    What an incredible old photo. San Francisco is definitely on my bucket list of places to visit.

  4. What a gorgeous header picture!!
    Sorry your weather has been so gloomy. Too close to the mountains perhaps? Though I see you have good warmth in the offing. Would love some of those temperatures here!

  5. It's been cloudy here this week, too, but we are enjoying a very mild temperature :-)
    I visited San Francisco long time ago. I wouldn't survive there without cable cars!

  6. Wonderful header picture. The weather here can iffy as well. As the old saying goes, "If you don't like the weather wait a minute."
    San Francisco is on my bucket list. There are many similarities to Boston. Both hi tech, innovative cities of a similar size and influence.
    It's pretty gloomy here today but at least there's no snow.

  7. I never ever wondered but now I do.
    I am sorry your weather is so drab. You could move to Northern Virginia. we have marvelous weather most of the time. The Shenandoah and Blue Ridge mountains pretty much destroy any drabbo weather coming from your neighborhood. Today was a weird day for me. Pierro is gone. two months have passed that I have endured the absence of my little lovely Pierro.
    My heart hurts.
    I finished some sewing this morning, and then I went to my daddy at his amazing retirement community. I love it there. I think Rex and I can afford to live there, but we would have to give away a lot of things. Dad and I went for a nice walk, it was 54 degrees and not a cold breeze. It was sunny and so nice. then we came back to the apartment and did some more blabbing. I love my dad.

    In conclusion. you are still able to move away. If there is nothing holding you there, get the heck out. we have some of the very best hospitals, that is important to me.

  8. I have the Great Smoky Mountains a few miles away from me. But the bad weather keeps coming up from the Gulf.

  9. I don't understand starting fires, never will.
    No rain here as yet suppose to rain today but hasn't happened but it is still early.

  10. Hi Sis!
    Your high flown grammar in the past blogs a few days ago is an example at own expense your self. It is always gloomy fourth weeks it can been down Here.
    When you stating all over again with the seven to nine 7-9 days of rain days. That strange weather high you has for several month be worse and Ice snow tornadoes.
    This street in San Francisco is How you are drive up or down
    It that is an Old picture?
    I can very enjoys of your life Sis with Katie! new two ones's that make you never stays there in same place..
    I had too hot in here only in the 7-30 morning few two hours time but I will be back my golfing very soon.
    Sis.Katie.Miyuki and victoria

  11. I always enjoy your posts. That is a cool photo.

  12. Sorry you're in one of those lotsa rain patterns right now. Not fun, but like you said, better than ice, snow, tornadoes and the like. :)

    Love that picture of San Francisco. Amazing!

    Hugs to you and Katie

  13. Rain continue no fun I quite agree , had a lot of that drizzle and heavy grey clouds. Hey today Sunshine and blue skies oh boy even though it's only 2c outside.

    Great picture love it.
    Hugs Sheila
    Hugs and