Sunday, October 20, 2013

Google Problems Here With my Handheld Devices...

Guys,  not sure what I am going to do.   Lately, when I read your blogs on either the iPhone or the iPad, and I go to comment, a window comes up and tries to force me into signing up and into "everything Google". I do NOT want Google+.  I do not want Google Chrome.  I do NOT want ANY of the games, pictures etc etc and other services Google has with the sole exception of Blogger.  It says "sign in to everything Google and then you can go to Blogger".

I do NOT like being strong-armed into something I-DO-NOT-WANT.  I have a Mac.  An iMac for the big computer.  I have everything else Mac as and tablet.  I LOVE Safari for my browser and I have no desire for their Chrome.

I want to be wrong.  Tell me I am wrong and I will be tickled to the ends of the earth.  My human brovver is here and he selected "sign in with another account" and as soon as Mom did, there went that window again, not permitting her to go on without signing up for all the services.

If Google forces me while on my regular computer than Katie, Admiral and I will all have to go away and that makes us very sad.  Why will we go away?  Because Google is, right now at this time the single most invasive user of your private information in the cyber world.  NORMAL cyber world, not the N*S*A.   Face Book ain't no bowl o' kibble either but Google and their strong armed maneuvers..takes the cake.  Again, if I have misunderstood or if I am wrong, I apologize for the rant and I will jump for joy to be wrong.  I'll eat a whole truckload of humble pie.


  1. Oh, I don't know what is going on with your devices. I often use iPad and I am using right now, but never been asked to sign in to everything Google. Strange. I'm sorry I can't be any help, but I sure hope you will not go away!

  2. You are not wrong. Google is horrible. It has overtaken the mac in my house, too. I also have a windows pc, though, but it's days are numbered, I'm sure. Blogspot is such a lovely convenience, though. I mean, as an alternative to creating your own website and having to write code or paying $200 for Dreamweaver . . .

  3. I also have a Word Press blog and I guess I will have to expand it to include Katie's. Admiral's and all her pics would be gone.

  4. I have debated going to WordPress, but like a cat I am such a creature of habit. I joined Google+, but feel very uncomfortable with it.

  5. I have never joined google plus and have no intention of doing so. They are getting to be very invasive.
    I get asked every time I am on Gmail. I am trying to move my contacts to Outlook. xoxo

  6. Stick to what you comfortable with ..these things pop up all the time be gone are right in doing your own thing .
    I love your header , what is that beautiful flower.?
    Enjoy your week.
    Sheila x

  7. Sis I do know there have been changes lately, but there should be some kind of button to click to tell them NO THANKS and then move on. I have google plus but I don't even use it. It is not something I have to use. Sorry you are having a hard time with it. I have had little to NO responses at any of my blogs as of lately maybe this google thing is responsible who knows. Do what YOU feel is right...Hope things will work out. HUGS
    SIS in Mich.

  8. I am sorry you are having this problem. I haven't had this trouble. Of course, I'm not working with Apple products, either, so that may make a difference.
    Have a good Monday! xo

  9. I have Google + but don't like it at all. Blogger is managed by Google which I don't like but I am not willing to use Wordpress which I despise. If there's a perfect solution I don't know it. I've told you many times I wanted to quit but you always persuaded me otherwise. I know that come whatever may you will choose wisely.

  10. I kind of got strong armed into Google + because it felt like they were forcing me too. I don't use it however - not at all., Good luck. For sure I don't want you to quit.

  11. Hi sis!
    I am with you as I don't like google chrome either, but there have been changes lately. There should be a button to click to say NO THANKS,and please let us move on, sis.
    I shall be back later, sis.
    sis,katie,miyuki and victoria

  12. I don't have hand held devices but I wish I did at
    Google problems also not something I have but unlike the hand held devices I do not want Google problems

  13. Google manages YouTube, Blogger and a few others. That's probably why it keeps popping up. However, just keep clicking "no". I've looked at wordpress looks "confusing" I'm not sure of the answer. :(

  14. When google plus first came out I signed up then didn't like it so cancealed it. Then just a month ago I twas ricked into opening it back up again. I don't use it however socially. Also I don't connect it with my blogs. I know some people wrote that if they couldn't comment using google+.