Sunday, October 27, 2013


OH MY WORD!  We went over the border on NC into SC to get gasoline about 35 cents less expensive than in Charlotte.  Only takes a few minutes we are that close.  While there (SC) after getting gas, we went Young's Plantation shop and I bought, among other things a terribly expensive jar (about a pint size) of cherry butter.  The consistency is a bit thicker than apple butter but smooth just like apple better and has texture too as does apple butter---  and the contents are just cherries, pectin, vanilla, spices and cane sugar.  OH MY WORD!  I thought I had had good food before but that cherry butter takes the cake.  Best stuff ever!  Had I known how delicious it is, I would have bought three jars and broke the bank happily.  OH!  DEE-LISH-US!

I just had two pieces of toast spread with real butter and cherry butter.  Be still my heart.

I had a wonderful time.  I got something for my eldest son for Christmas while there.  Also in the news so to speak, I sent to the U.K. to a craftswoman who does knitted crafts and she knitted a Katie Mini-Me.  It got here while I was gone of course.   Here it is.

There is even a modicum of a half mustache as Katie indeed has and a bit of white under the chin too plus her luxurious bib.

Look at the sign in a restaurant we were at last evening!!  LOVED it.

 We went out to have supper last night as you can see from the picture above and as my son had a coupon we had at first decided on a place he had not yet been to. On arrival to that restaurant,  we stepped inside.   The coupon was for 5 chicken strips..size unknown.  I asked the person at the counter what sides came with it.  Would you believe this?  Raw celery (well, yes, of course raw.) and raw carrots.  That was it. Not cooked.  Raw.  We both asked was there anything else--- and there wasn't.  She said if you don't want them, we can leave them off...(in all seriousness she said that) I said well, that wouldn't leave much would it?  And I'd be paying for them too as that food..the 5 unknown size chicken strips and the couple of raw vegetables were eight dollars.  We left.  We went to the really great BBQ restaurant whose sign I have posted here.

Look at the lady and gentleman here I saw in my favorite consignment shop in Charlotte...I am crazy about these critters but I didn't buy any.  Wanted to, but no place to put them.

See you soon.  Boy am I sleepy, and the cat is clinging like a piece of fluff to  a static charged piece of cloth.



  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. I live in N.C. to and the gas is outrageous compared to our neighbors in Georgia and S.C. We live next to the Georgia Line and buy our gas there. I love cherry butter. Hugs.

  2. Wow the cherry butter sounds really good! Never tried one before, but if it was bank-breaking good, I gotta try! The Katie san mini-me is super cute!! Adorable half mustache :-)
    Glad you had great time. I love the sign at the BBQ restaurant very much!

  3. OMC - Katie MiniMe is soooooo cute. It looks just like her. She'll be easy to take with you too wherever you go cuz she's mini! Ohhhh, that Cherry Butter sounds good, except I'd probably get it in a different flavor. Purrfect for toast too. Sounds like you had a great time, and I'm so happy you had a chance to get away.

  4. Oh yes, I LOVE those chicken and the china. Looks like you'll have to make a return visit.

  5. I am so glad that you had such a great time!! The cherry butter sounds delicious. xoxo

  6. How funny about that restaurant with the chicken and celery and carrots! BBQ sounds a whole lot better to me. That Katie Mini-Me is hysterical! What fun- Hope you have a great week- xo Diana

  7. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! I love all those "butters" they are good. Katie Mini Me is toooo cute!

  8. Well, thank goodness! Barbecue sounds MUCH better than little chicken strips and raw celery. Yeesh! Mmmmm, barbecue!

    I love mini Katie. She's adorable, but not as beauteous and cute as real Katie of course.

  9. Cherry butter! A new indulgence! Yum! It sounds wonderful! Welcome back. xo

  10. We purrefur the real Katie Isabella. xxoo

  11. I love cherry anything and that sounds heavenly!
    the mini kitty is SO cute!!

  12. Glad your trip was memorable and tasty it sounds like. The butter sounds great. Yes gas prices here the same, drive 10 min at least 15 cents cheaper..boggles my mind. Boy that woman has Katie's image down to a T just wonderful work. As for eating can a place of business STAY in business with a menu like that one?? Glad you had a great time and traveled safely. Hugs..

  13. That sign is so cool. I would have left that restaurant too. That is ridiculous. Makes you wonder what keeps the business going.

  14. Cherry butter!!! Goodness! I laughed like a drain at the sign in the restaurant!!

  15. I am glad you had a nice time. I love that sign! I am sure Katie is happy you are home! ~xo~

  16. You said you had a word..... well...... what was it..... chuckling.

    Amazing the difference taxes can make in the price of things, .35 cents is pretty substantial...... 10 gallons is $3.50.

  17. I'm always so glad to hear of you having a pleasant trip...looks like this was a really good one!

  18. Glad your cherry butter is good. The last time we went to visit our friends in Grand Rapids, I bought a jar of cherry butter (Michigan is a major cherry-growing state) at a large food & wine store. It was so disappointing, I didn't even finish the jar.

    Raw celery & carrot sides?! Are you sure you were in the Carolinas? :-)

    Ron and I are very picky about barbeque. We don't like it too vinegary or too sweet.

    We have run out of display space, too.

    Really like the mini-Katie!

  19. I like the knitted kitty very nice, and we need to save money were we can and if driving a little extra distance means a saving then I would do it, hell I have done it in the past now days it is usually Tim who puts fuel in the car.

  20. So glad you had a safe and fun visit! I'm always surprised when I go from SC to NC and see the hop in gasoline prices! :)

  21. Hi Sis!
    Oh my good with your time!
    The gaso line about 35 cants has expensive but a pint sige of cherry butter the contents are cherries pectin
    There a modicum a half mustachw like with Katie and used a luxurious bib
    and everybody enjoy in the restaurant.
    After that restarant you has coupon 5 chicken strips you don't believe with Row with row carrots..I never seein that too Sis! in all of thing not truss..
    after you has really BBQ restrant is very nise for you SiS!
    I thought after all you are very happy with sleep with Katie.
    Please drive carefully Sis Katie was very happy with you.
    Just thinking for you Sis about the photographer will be pretty one I remember with speake for long time at your time Sis.
    Love you so much .
    My golf time was it not have a good weather even todays are just without suns that why I was in home ..I made mistake no rains??
    Sis,Katie,Miyuki,and Victoria,

  22. That Mini Katie is almost as cute as the real Katie. :) That cherry butter sounds amazingly delicious, and that sign made me laugh (out loud, seriously)! :)

  23. Beautifully knitted little Kitty :-) xxx