Friday, November 9, 2018

Autumn to Winter.

 Fall and Spring and to a more limited extent Winter, are my favorite times of the year.  Summer is too humid for me .  Always has been. But if the wildflowers are out in abundance, that makes the sweat and ticks and mosquito bites much more worthwhile as I go cruising through the woods and other more wild areas with my camera.  I learned the hard way to use insect repellant 10 years ago as I was crawling around in the bushes (literally) I was looking for insects so as to take some macro photos of them. I unknowingly came home with a tick attached and developed early lyme.  Caught it within five days, and I have remained free of it after very strong month long treatment with antibiotic.

Last year I was able to find many more wildflowers than in the past three years.  Not sure why they seem to have gone away in my area.  This year was also a difficult one to find what I was looking for.  I tend not to take many pictures of roses and other more commonly seen flowers as they are everywhere.  But I do take some.  I am including below a Columbine I found this Spring however.

I could go to the gym this morning  to use the treadmill instead of being outside for a walk as it has been and will continue to rain all day.  I don't enjoy the walk if it is in the rain.  Some folks do.  Not my thang.

These delicate wild columbine flowers are only about an inch and a half long.  I love every year's new appearance.  Next Spring, I will be out looking for them and all the others again.

I took a cell phone photo of these two signs in one of my favorite stores.  I hope you enjoy seeing them too.

XX seeyabye.


  1. The Hubby was bitten by a tick, and developed Lyme. But a smart physician recognized the symptoms immediately (he didn't go to the doc for weeks), and got him on the road to recovery with antibiotics, but it took a good month for him to get to almost normal. I am glad that your antibiotics worked!

  2. Never been bitten by a tick. Not that that's a goal of mine.

  3. Beautiful photo of wild columbine flower!
    Those signs are very funny. I love the 2nd one :-)

  4. Love the columbine photo! I don't think we have wild columbine here at all. I had planted one a year ago, and it self-seeded, but never bloomed this year.

    Glad you were able to overcome the Lyme disease. It's a frightening disease.

    Love the signs!

  5. Thise columbine flowers are beautiful! We love those signs, too. So funny!

  6. I am not a fan of winter if I have to go outside. If I can stay inside and pretend it's spring or fall, I'd rather do that. For years I refused to buy a winter coat because it felt like I was "giving in." Last year I finally got one and so far it has not made winter any better.

  7. Dearest Carole,
    Oh, as much as both of us love wildlife, we're more reluctant since several years ago we went through the woods to a historical burial side, when we ALL ended up with chigger bites. How awful and nasty that is and it takes weeks and weeks before you get rid of them. Once more, at the Well Spring of other friends we went for a pot luck luncheon and we walked around the Well, a side arm of the big river. Oh did we end up with chigger bites again. So I've vowed to never ever going there!
    We love biking through nature and stopping and taking photos of wild flowers and such, but not going into the woods.
    Sending you hugs,

    PS We both miss our bike rides... For 3 weeks now we have workers come to the house for renovations. One has to be home and beside that, it rains and rains... such ugly weather! Not cooperating.

    1. I have been down the chiggers road! I hope to never have that misery again. It was horrible! It was in the wetlands here when I went on a photography expedition. My daughter-in-law and the baby were untouched (thank goodness) but I was eaten up with them behind both knees.

  8. I like spring much more than I used to, perhaps because the spring-time of my life was such a long time ago now that it needs refreshing. I like early autumn the best. Summer is too hot for me.

    The urn with the 'ashes' in it reminds me of Johnny Carson joke he made in his monologue once. Talking about his favourite restaurant, 'Little Touch o' Newark', he mentioned someone who asked a waiter what was fresh on the menu. The waiter replied, "The blood of the last customer who didn't pay his bill."

    I miss Carson.

  9. Terrific pictures, all. LOVE the cross stitch about the grouchy folk! So glad you beat the Lyme Disease. It is a shame one cannot go out without insect repelling treatments to be safe.