Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Another week starting to get toward the middle

Here's a picture of my youngest son.  He was sitting on a picnic table in our yard wearing his old battered black felt hat with a "bullet hole" in the side.  A hole about the size of a bullet hole.  A couple friend called it a bullet hole and the name stayed.

This was taken in the day before digital cameras and taken without much skill either. One that is probably best viewed un-biggafied.

Typical all American boy..adorable with blonde curly hair, blue eyes and freckles scattered on his sweet face.  Hope he's not reading this.  Probably not.

That's my Pontiac in the background and his Dad's arm draped down.

Another field mouse got into the house.  Katie caught it but unlike the Admiral, she did not ded it.  She truly brought it into the bed about 5.  I had no idea of it despite all her thrashing about.  When I couldn't stand the thrashing about any longer I turned on the bedside lamp and saw blood droplets on the top sheet.  I was immediately concerned she'd maybe caught a claw in the crochet edging on the sheet so I walked into the living room and say her with the mouse. I wish she knew that wasn't a toy but she doesn't.  She'd catch it and let it go.  I have three traps out right now where she can't get to them.  But I a not anxious to go to bed tonight.


  1. Your son was Adorable ;)Is this the same one as on FB? Sooooo Cute!!!
    Yeah the mouse thing...... Morgana didn't kill them she would lay on it and smother it :0....... it would try and crawl away ,then she would hold it down with her paw...... Sunny's mom Bella taught him to rip their heads off and gut them.... So those two weren't allowed to get mice.... What a Mess!! .... I hate that they come into the house..... you would figure with 6 cats.... Usually when it gets bitter cold out ,they look for a warm place to go, but it hasn't been that cold!
    Well, I can say This,,There is never a dull moment, Your Girl certainly gives you plenty to blog about...lol :))))
    Hugs ~ xoxoxo

  2. I love old pictures, you know that! Your son looks adorable in this picture. I hope you will post more of them.xx

  3. Another great picture of a son. I'm still laughing over the mouse thing. I feel for you, but it is funny.

  4. I love the picture. He looks cool in that hat. I hate mice. I don't think I'd be to thrilled to go to bed either.

  5. That's a good picture of your son. And I like the picture of the cat in the window too. My cats like to sit in the window sill and wag their tales at the birds.

    I see you visited while I was away. Thank you for coming by. I've been a bit out of sorts lately, but I hope to continue in my blogging efforts again.

    PS. I really like playing with your fish and cat too. :)

  6. I live the angle of the photo of your son. And that cute little smile.
    I hope the traps get the mousie tonight so as not to prolong your agony. :)

  7. The best photos are the ones where the subject is caught unawares :) Cute.

    Katie likes to tease I think ;) Made me laugh though, sorry xox

  8. Oh my mousie in the housie..poor Katie needs a teacher,mousie no good for indoors. I don't blame you about sleep time either. Sis keeps her cat downstairs and that truly is a blessing to us both. Much needed break and rest is good. Her Cat loves to chase and capture but not sure she could take one out of this world either. Her cat MEME is over a year old now. Hope the weather is good there,it is reallly windy here today and warm.. Love it! XXOO

  9. I would put the traps under weighted down laundry baskets :P
    My first cat would Kiss them to death lol

  10. Love the picture Carole, I often think that heart outweighs talent with pictures. Sometimes we can get so obsessed with settings that a picture become soulless IMHO. We've never had trouble with mice here at our house but the church has had that issue before. It's no game because on occasion there's outbreaks of dangerous viruses that people can get really sick from here that spreads from mouse to person. We endure a couple cold days then a warm up...I'm way ready for the warm up!

  11. Oh I love the photo! Your son is so adorable and handsome in the hat!
    I am sure Katie san brought the mouse to bed to show it to you :-) I hope not Katie san but the trap will catch mouse!

  12. Hey there, sweetie! I tagged you in a post: http://grrlysquirrelheartsgavin.blogspot.com/2012/03/more-about-me.html