Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday and I'm still standing

No mousies around here.  Hope it stays that way.  Now that the weather is significantly warmer, likely I won't see any more until Fall chill.

Absolutely nothing to say.  Just wanted to get rid of the hanta viris post so I am posting today.  I never have anything to that's nothing new.

My oldest is here from last evening after work.  he and Katie Bella have bonded so she was delighted to see him.  She even got up from her napping place and greeted him when he emerged from his room this morning.  And they laid on the floor together snuggling still the lure of coffee got one of them up and in to breakfast.  I'll leave it to you to imagine which one.  Hint:  it wasn't Katie.

I made home made Egg McMuffins again for breakfast.  Next time it will be the traditional eggs and bacon and biscuits.  The cat doesn't ask for bacon the way Admiral did.  Must have had that bacon gene pass her right on by when she was made. :-)

Horrible thunderstorms last night about 2 in the morning but we're still here and no trees fell on us.  Some of you have seen the picture I have posted several times of the house surrounded by trees 75 or more feet high.

Here is something I found that I decided to post regardless of its content.  It reminds me of someone I used to think was a friend...overlooking all the things that were glaring at me.  However, that person is gone and banished from my sight and generally, my thought.  Bye was the best word ever.  :-)


  1. We take it Katie didn't twang the miniblinds this time?

  2. she did, but he said very very little. Like a token twang saying "I can do this, you know!"

  3. I like the graphic you posted. So very, very true. I try not to pee on my friends because I want to keep them.

    Katie is so lucky to have her human brother there today. I could use a piece of that bacon right about now along with lettuce and tomato. xoxoxo

  4. I've seen some blurbs about bad weather around there. We are very gloomy and cool today unfortunately. It always seems to do this when I am determined to go walk. I like the graphic there too...sadly some people still don't seem to get it. Have a great weekend Carole!

  5. Wow Carole! I missed a couple of days. I don't know what happened but I guess someone upset you! I just had pancakes for breakfast. I'm sure you wanted to know that.

  6. So true that graphic. Those people never ever realize they are the one. No bacon gene? They must have given hers as an extra for my granddaughter. I think she's live on the stuff. Had some rain here but nothing to really speak of.