Monday, March 19, 2012

Don't Worry

I took the blog I wrote today down because it worried some kitties and humans.  Research was done and  it's excellent to know about deer mice and the possibility of disease.  Luckily where I live there has been not even one case of hantaviris.  WHEW! Other States have had it but not many.  Here is a link that Simba provided as a frame of reference. Thank you Simba.  xox

Here is the link for Hantaviris in  U.S.

A shout-out to my good friend Horst for sounding a warning after I wrote about the mouse that Katie caught.  You never know and it's great info for those who never thought about these scary facts before.  Now you can be aware and take action if need be.

Meanwhile, I am sincerely hoping for a quieter night! A cluster of three hairballs on the sheet at 0430 and a dead mouse..sheesh..what a start to the day.


  1. I hope this a peaceful night for you and Katie both.


  2. That virus was such a small thing and very limited geographical area. Have a feral mouser that lives in the area. He lives on mice.... and he purrs along, going on 5 years. The plague is a bigger killer then the virus.

    Have a good week.

  3. Very glad to here there were no cases in your state. Makes me feel better. We have Deer mice here in Alberta also.

  4. I missed your earlier post though the dashboard still showed the dead mouse. Glad there's no worry of any diseases where you are.

  5. Oh dear - I hadn't thought about that disease. It's good it isn't around your area.

  6. That virus has haunted our state (excuse the pun). It's a very dangerous thing. It's never been trouble for our house but the church has had mice and that could be a big concern. I'm glad to hear that you're in the clear.

  7. Good thing Sis keeps the new cat out of our bedroom area.. at least she runs the whole house but we get to get some needed rest. Hope she NEVER finds a real mouse.. so far so good!!

  8. Sis,
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    I guess as your know how fast time files at out age your time.
    Katie Miyuki and victoria xxxxx sis