Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Changes Day

My hair is fairly long.  Down to the midpoint of my back.  Today in two hours I am doing my every two years haircutting..not just trims of an inch or so to keep the layers the way I usually do. I find it's drawn back into a low pony tail most of the time so that tells me I am sick of it the way it is.  It has taken several months of courage to make the appointment to get it cut.  The most I allow when I do this is shoulder length.  That means touching the shoulders.  My hair stylist always says about these times that cutting my hair is a risk as she suspects cardiac arrest if she gets it too short,  I told her I'd just sue her for all the crafts she has and makes at her home when she has the time.

It's raining of course.  It was a cloudy day all day yesterday with rain starting in showers during the afternoon and certainly at night.  Today, rain.  Sigh.  Connie in KY gets about the same thing I think.  She  probably has dogwood blooms set already as I do.  They won't get ready and then bloom for several more weeks though.  Tulips are blooming too.  Amazing that all this started January 29th.  My favorite violets, purple and light blue are starring the yard and have been for weeks.  Un-natural albeit beautiful.

Daffodils are still looking good although the ones that came out blooming in January and early February are looking tired now.

Must go over the mountains again for another hard trip for another family day. The garandson is at military school and this will be the last one before he returns home.  Quick trip..back my usual Sunday as the pet sitting costs are scary (but worth it). Gas costs are going to be scary TOO.

Here are some of my daffodils.


  1. You're right, we pretty much have rain when you do. Or the day before you. It is cloudy this morning with sunshine expected..I want to hang sheets outside. I haven't looked at the dogwoods, but the redbuds are setting. Our peach tree is full of bloom and oh, so beautiful. Daffodils are winding down, still a few nice ones. Grandkids helped me pick a few for inside just this morning. The lilacs are putting out leaves. Willow tree already leafed out. I'd say it's spring in KY. :)) Although, I haven't forgotten the late freeze we had not too many years ago. So, we'll see.
    Our temperature is supposed to get up into the high 70's today.

  2. I really envy your flowers Carole. We haven't had a single bloom anywhere...except some buds on the willows. It's been a mild winter...it's been in the high sixties and seventies are touched on without a blossom to be seen. I expect when we start getting that most will be looking at summer-like weather. We remain under a red flag fire warning today...not a drop of rain...wanna trade? Thing is this is supposed to have very high wind by this afternoon.

  3. The daffodils are gorgeous!!

    Have a safe trip to the beauty parlor and over the mountain.

  4. Those daffodils are so pretty. I saw a bunch of crocus yesterday in Central Park (NYC). Hope all goes well with the haircut, and safe travels for family day!

  5. The Daffodils are beautiful, was expecting yellow ones but these are very beautiful. We still have snow here, but it is melting fast. So may have flowers in mid April.

  6. Dearest Carole,

    Found you on Michiko's blog... and follow you now. What a joy to read her again!!! She made my day, I'm late checking my blogger friends but anyway.
    You have perfect daffodils. We in the southeast of the USA are already beyond that stage here. The dogwoods, azaleas and redbuds bloom.
    Love to you and you earn one more point for loving kittens!!! We too pay a cat sitter. That I call cat-love...


  7. Lovely flowers Carole. I now keep my hair short. I was just looking at some old photos from the seventies. My hair was a lot longer. Some of the hair do were really embarassing.
    Have a good trip.

  8. Carole - your flowers are gorgeous and I love that picture at the top of your blog. hehe - Katie rules. Your hair will be gorgeous and you'll feel like a new person.

  9. Lovely flower pics :) If I grew my hair that length it would just be a bush! lol

  10. The daffodils are beautiful! I decided to make a change to my hair, too. Because I got shafted by my hairdresser again a couple of weeks ago, I decided to rock the good old-fashioned afro for a while because I'm tired of the hassle of trying to get my hair done, but I also figured I could save some money :-).

  11. I saw the photo on FB and I think the new cut is just gorgeous.. really like it Sis.. As for the weather.. wonder what the animals think about this surprise Spring weather? I just hope we are not in for a freak winter blizzard in May!! : )

  12. Sis,

    I am very happy today it is now when I want go to see you..
    Katie Miyuki vicotorie.
    xxxxx My sis

  13. My sis,
    I love think about you this morning...
    xxxxx michiko

  14. I was so happy to understand to you sis,
    Keep it simple and always,remember for you ...
    katie Miyuki victoria.